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Packaging is an important tool to reflect commodity sales strategy. It is not only a silent salesman, but also an important advertising medium to convey commodity information. An excellent sales package of export commodities is a magnifying glass of commodity characteristics. It can make the commodity stand out in different shopping occasions and in the competition of the same or different types through the visual communication effects such as the trademark of the commodity, the shape of the container and the image, color and text of the decoration

after China's entry into WTO, the domestic packaging industry has been impacted by foreign competitive enterprises. How to make the packaging of China's export commodities more adapt to the needs of the international market, so as to enhance the international market competitiveness of commodities, is a key problem to be solved urgently in China's packaging industry

I. current situation and existing problems of China's export commodity packaging industry

after more than 20 years of development, China's packaging industry has developed rapidly, but there is still a significant gap compared with the advanced level of foreign countries. The overall competitiveness of China's packaging industry is not strong, and there are problems such as low degree of industrial intensification, structural convergence, overall technical level, product added value and low recycling rate; At the same time, the problems of waste of resources, environmental pollution and hindering sustainable development exposed in the packaging industry can not be ignored. In addition, many necessary equipment, raw and auxiliary materials and packaging products for the domestic packaging industry also depend on large packaging enterprises in developed countries. The existence of these problems has become an important factor restricting China's packaging industry to enter the international market and participate in competition

1. China's packaging industry started late. The development is slow and the industry is weak

at present, China's packaging consumption accounts for a small proportion in the national economy, and the per capita packaging consumption is only $20. On the whole, China's packaging industry has not really become an important pillar industry of the national economy and is not an important part of the information industry. In developed countries, the packaging industry has already become a pillar industry in the national economy. According to statistics, the per capita packaging consumption in the United States amounts to US $463 and that in Japan is US $617, which is much higher than that in China

2. Insufficient information construction of commodity packaging enterprises. There is a serious shortage of product packaging talents

the standards for packaging in foreign markets are complex and diverse, and most packaging enterprise managers do not understand the relationship between informatization and enterprise development, so their investment in enterprise informatization is relatively limited. The survey shows that the vast majority of packaging enterprises' investment in information construction usually accounts for less than 4% of the new asset investment, which is quite different from the international industry. Many domestic packaging enterprises have a serious lack of understanding of the information about product packaging in the international commodity market, and little knowledge of the quasi information about the insulation resistance of the components of the standard decline testing machine such as packaging materials and specifications in the commodity export destination market

on the other hand, the current packaging enterprises, especially some small and medium-sized packaging enterprises, lack a group of high-quality professionals who are familiar with the production, operation and management of the enterprise and master the packaging science and technology. The environment and incentive mechanism to attract such talents are not ideal. Even some packaging enterprises with good economic benefits have a very frequent flow of high-quality comprehensive talents, This has become a common problem that restricts packaging enterprises from carrying out international packaging production

3. The construction of laws and regulations in commodity packaging industry lags behind

some countries in the world, especially developed countries, formulated laws and regulations on the packaging industry as early as 20 years ago, covering a wide range. However, compared with economically developed countries, the research on packaging law in China lags behind obviously. At present, there is no complete packaging law in China, and the research on packaging design only stays at the technical level, rarely involving the legal issues in the packaging industry. It is understood that in the field of packaging, there have not been more than 15 literatures on legal issues in packaging design

4. The packaging design is too simple and lacks market awareness

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the transformation of ideas and aesthetic tastes, the design of commodity packaging in today's developed countries fully reflects the aesthetic, practical Environmental protection and other "people-oriented" "The design concept of" is that its products are often easy to sell well in the market. In contrast, the packaging design of domestic enterprises is very fragile. Many enterprises have to take the design of product appearance, even the design of packaging structure and materials to foreign countries. Sometimes they exaggerate the connotation of goods, and even have fraudulent excessive packaging, which has caused strong dissatisfaction among consumers.

5. The development of domestic packaging technology lags behind, and the export of goods is affected by foreign countries. " Foreign technical barriers to trade

at present, foreign technical barriers to trade show a trend of extending from commodities to packaging. Among them, the restrictive measures on commodity packaging have become very prominent. The inspection standards of packaging products in developed countries have increased from several or more to dozens. China's export trade is being blocked by packaging "barriers". According to statistics, the annual loss of China's commodity exports due to poor packaging is nearly 24billion US dollars. This figure continues to rise after China's accession to the WTO

II. New trends in the development of commodity sales packaging in the international market

in the 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology and increasingly fierce market competition, it is particularly important for the packaging industry to adapt to the development requirements of the new era, meet the sustainable development process of modern packaging, so as to meet the needs of the international target market and cater to consumers. The following is an analysis of several popular packaging types in the international market

1. Special packaging is favored

(1) small and exquisite commodity packaging. This kind of packaging can easily arouse the interest of consumers, especially the desire of young people, women and children, on the dazzling shelves; Moreover, the small package will not bring greater added value to the goods and is easy to be accepted by consumers

(2) fragrant commodity packaging. With the change of people's consumption concept, people require that goods and food packaging can smell fragrant. The commodity packaging with fragrance not only enhances consumers' desire to buy commodities in sense of smell, but also reflects the uniqueness of commodity packaging

(3) convenient food packaging. Due to the accelerated pace of people's life, fast food has become a hot commodity. The unique and unique food packaging can not only be convenient to eat and improve the production efficiency, but also a kind of beautiful enjoyment

(4) retro commodity packaging. Exquisite bamboo baskets, straw baskets, small wooden barrels for wine, exquisite wooden lacquer boxes, small porcelain bottles, etc. are very popular with consumers

2. Multifunctional commodity packaging and personalized commodity packaging sell well at the same time

in addition to packaging goods, multi-functional commodity packaging can also be used for other purposes, which improves the utilization value of packaging, saves resources and reduces environmental pollution. Personalized packaging is mainly used for different packaging methods such as supermarkets and warehouse sales due to different sales environments and venues, which has great relevance and impact on the corporate image, product itself and social effects

3. Electronic product packaging is very popular

e-commerce enables enterprises to directly release commodity sales information through the Internet, and consumers can directly query the information they need on the Internet, and grow into a rookie in the city's new material industry. Through the Internet, they sign sales contracts and pay for (2) the sample to break the pendulum and swing back and forth. It is necessary to press the brake and send it down. E-commerce has completely changed the traditional sales mode of commodities, removed the intermediary link of sales, not only saved a lot of raw materials, but also realized the optimized distribution of commodities and materials, improved the transportation efficiency, avoided the manual, mechanical loading and unloading and transportation of electronic commodities, reduced the transaction cost, and expanded advertising and commodity sales

4. Green packaging has been paid attention to

the role of packaging in promoting economic development is obvious to all, but the pollution and damage of packaging waste to the environment are also increasingly prominent. Green packaging is the need of international environmental protection development trend. Green packaging, which can save energy, easy to recycle and reuse after use, easy to decompose naturally without polluting the environment, and protect consumers' health, is increasingly recognized by consumers all over the world

III. countermeasures to improve the sales packaging of China's export commodities

in view of the development and changes of the international market, in order to make China's packaging industry win its own consumers in the international competitive market of sales packaging of export commodities, we should take some effective measures to strengthen the packaging of China's export commodities, so as to improve the international market share

1. Improve the legal system

Chinese packaging enterprises should be familiar with the laws and regulations of various countries and strengthen the legislative construction of the packaging industry. In order to connect with the international market as soon as possible, China should strive to improve the formulation of various standards related to packaging after the Eighth World Congress, especially vigorously publicize environmental protection laws and regulations, and incorporate environmental protection provisions related to packaging into the provisions of the packaging law. The corresponding administrative departments and professional associations of the packaging industry should coordinate the internal relations of the industry, severely crack down on counterfeit and shoddy commodities and piracy, and severely crack down on illegal acts such as smuggling materials, concealing and omitting packaging business varieties, brands and product names, so as to create a loose and orderly internal environment for China's packaging industry

2. Optimize the sales packaging design of export commodities

good packaging can not only protect commodities, but also publicize and beautify commodities, improve commodity prices, attract customers, expand sales, increase prices, and show the scientific, technological, cultural and artistic level of exporting countries to a certain extent. In order to adapt the sales packaging to the needs of the international market, the design and production of sales packaging should reflect the basic requirements of being easy to display and display, easy to identify, easy to carry and use, attractive in art, and pleasing in color, so that the packaging of China's export commodities can meet the needs of science, economy, firmness, beauty, marketability and more foreign exchange

3. Strengthen the international market awareness

only by making the market awareness consistent with the mentality of today's people, and by making clever ideas through the comparison of packaging surface and internal quality, can we design packaging that leads the trend of the times. Therefore, strengthening international market awareness is particularly important for packaging enterprises. Only through the understanding and familiarity with the international market can packaging enterprises keep up with the pace of the international market

4. Strengthen the management of packaging enterprises

with China's entry into World Trade and the continuous expansion of opening to the outside world, multinational corporations have brought capital and technology into China's packaging market. On the one hand, they have brought much-needed capital and technology to the development of China's packaging industry, on the other hand, they have also brought a huge impact to China's packaging enterprises with their strong economic strength and strong competitiveness. China's packaging industry should strengthen the management of packaging enterprises as soon as possible. Facing the impact and opportunities of reality, we should take measures to make it truly in line with international standards

1) talent training and introduction of competition mechanism. We should actively cultivate high-quality compound talents in accordance with WTO rules, and establish competitive product structure and rule-based organization and service institutions that match the international division of labor, so as to promote China's packaging production enterprises to further improve their technology and management level, which is conducive to participating in international competition

2) strengthen international exchanges and improve information network construction

production enterprises or design enterprises can spontaneously organize and contact import and export companies, and rely on advanced information technology to timely understand

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