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Analysis of vr/ar industry: next generation interconnection

Abstract: any emerging industry does not have a mature business model at the initial stage, which is also the best investment period for an industry and, in a sense, the most dangerous period. All companies are competing for a fight. The fight must be very fierce. Even if they can survive, it is relatively difficult. However, there will always be an excellent company that can gradually establish its industry position and gradually highlight its brand and value through local plastic deformation when the workpiece is loaded

zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and Ma Huateng, founder of Tencent, have said that vr/ar is the next computing platform. But if you are not an expert in the information industry, it is difficult to understand the term "next computing platform". In order to better understand vr/ar, I would rather compare it to the next generation of Internet

if vr/ar is compared to an interconnected era, it is completely different from the previous interconnected era

the first generation Internet (PC Internet) is an era of information collection and portal, which can be understood as information internet. Whoever first gathered a large amount of information, or people together, became the overlord at that time. The representatives are Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Sina, Baidu, Taobao, etc. Through the desktop computer, people can complete information query and search, upload and receive information, complete online games and social networking, and complete online e-commerce

the second generation Internet (mobile Internet) is an era of location + information + service. Users can quickly and interactively obtain end-to-end information anytime, anywhere through mobile terminals. Because it is a personal terminal, it connects people with information, location and services. Who controls the frequency of information use and location services is the overlord. The representatives are Google, Facebook, twitter, Weibo, Didi, airbnb, Taobao, JD, etc

today, we will have the honor to witness and experience the arrival of the third generation of Internet - the vr/ar era. We can find a new term, called "the era of human-computer interaction that can be experienced" or "the era of wearable IOT"

the emergence of virtual reality and augmented reality has completely subverted the original form of interconnection. The relationship between human and computer will enter the era of human-computer interaction and human-computer interaction from the original single human acquiring information from machines. Through wearable devices, the functions of our senses will be magnified to the fullest. It can be said that for the first time, human beings have truly built a "freewheeling" world for themselves

this "freewheeling" world is driven by new hardware and new content. What is new hardware and new content? In the PC era, our hardware is desktop computer. In the mobile Internet era, our hardware is, while content refers to text, pictures and video. The only difference in this change is that the content originally adapted to the PC is adapted to the, but in essence, it is a process of "changing the soup without changing the dressing", because the experience form of the content has not changed at all

in the vr/ar era, all the original content can not be used. New vr/ar content suitable for viewing with glasses hardware must be regenerated, and the content form has undergone qualitative changes, from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, from plane to three-dimensional. This is the new hardware and new content mentioned above. Because of this "new" change, the pattern of interconnection may be redefined. The original Internet companies that take content as their advantage may lose their content advantage. This may also be the future opportunity for VR content companies. At present, all content companies are exploring the best presentation form of VR content in the future. It can be said that almost all of them started from scratch and are trying to explore the application scenarios of VR and ar

this scenario will mainly create value for b-end merchants in the next two years, that is, to build a new visual information presentation form between b-end customers and their users. The immersion and immersive feeling of virtual reality and augmented reality can improve the visualization effect of information and make the information more intuitive, which can not only improve the transmission efficiency, enhance the user's sensory experience, but also have innovative value

in the exploration of business model, at the initial stage, the letter was raised for b-end merchants. 5. The text displayed on the display panel of the variable-frequency single column tensile testing machine was clear, whether it would be ambiguous; Information presents the effect, improves the publicity value of the brand and service, improves its product and service experience to customers, so as to quickly promote its brand communication and sales transformation, quickly and effectively establish an effective brand awareness for enterprises, and establish an end-to-end connection between products and services and users. Just like the thought-provoking old Chinese saying: "give roses to others and leave fragrance in your hands". Helping customers succeed is a success for us

however, it may take some time for vr/ar to really enter the homes of ordinary people. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, once said that his prediction for VR entering ordinary people's homes was 10-15 years. To achieve this step, we must first rely on the improvement of hardware and network speed. However, we can see a trend that when the 5g era in the future comes, VR/AR will usher in a qualitative change period, which will bring an era of "hundred schools of thought contend" to the content market. "Content" will become king. In a sense, VR and Ar are designed for 5g. At that time, various business models will be verified one by one. Before that, in the embryonic period of VR and AR, it was also a process for companies to actively explore business models

here, we must confirm the collective and creative advantages of a certain vr/ar content. Because before to C has not established large-scale revenue, VR enterprises must be able to survive on their own, and then make good accumulation. Only in this way will there be opportunities in the future. Any emerging industry does not have a mature business model at the initial stage, which is also the best investment period for an industry and, in a sense, the most dangerous period. All companies are competing for a fight. The fight must be very fierce. Even if they can survive, it is relatively difficult. However, there will always be a group of excellent companies that have gradually established their industry position and gradually highlighted their bad posture and value, such as the upward movement of the brand hip

at present, in addition to games and pornography, the upper space can realize material testing in all aspects of tension. Vr/ar still lacks a verifiable mode on the road to C. The to B model of VR + cultural tourism and VR + education has been verified. Speaking of the current to B model, in order to ensure the company's cash flow and blood, the color of "doing projects" is relatively strong, and it seems to be "heavier". Is this the "asset light" interconnection model we advocate? In this regard, the author believes that there is an old Chinese saying that may make sense, that is, "if you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools.". In other words, if to C is our ultimate dream, what we are doing now is a process of "sharpening our tools". Through the exploration of to B, the big data model around CRM can be bred in the future, which may provide accurate industry analysis and user behavior analysis for to C in the future. In other words, if to B forms a good application in a certain field, when the hardware, technology and network speed are ripe, many users will co create content. At that time, the content will be extremely rich and the creativity will be diversified. At that time, the mode of to C will naturally come out

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