Under the impact of the hottest epidemic, how can

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Under the impact of the epidemic, how can paint dealers quickly break the situation and make profits

under the impact of the epidemic, how can paint dealers quickly break the situation and make profits

May 11, 2020

2020, the most unforgettable beginning of the year, the outbreak of the epidemic has been nearly five months, and the dark clouds have not yet dispersed. Affected by this, the normal business development of many coating enterprises and dealer groups has encountered challenges, and some dealers have doubts about the future development and how to survive. Even though dealers across the country have begun to resume work in succession, the resumption of work under the epidemic still faces many challenges. Dealers are trying to cope with it and seek various solutions, even if the barrel temperature is high

feedback from many construction sites

the epidemic has plunged the coating industry into a trough

the sudden epidemic in the beginning of 2020 has put most industries, including the home decoration industry, in trouble. According to the industry survey data, enterprises in the home decoration industry ushered in a trough in the first quarter of the year

investigation methods: SMS, applet, etc

cities surveyed: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Foshan, Suzhou, Yantai, Dongguan, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Taiyuan, Nanning

survey site scope: 2982 unfinished home decoration customers were effectively recovered and investigated

survey customer classification

class A: customers who have started but not completed

b: customers who have signed a construction agreement but not started

c: customers who have not signed a construction agreement

according to the survey, affected by the epidemic, a quarter of class a customers delayed to resume decoration after the epidemic subsided. In previous years, more than 95% of these customers hope to return to work immediately after the year, and complete the rest of the decoration as soon as possible. At present, customers are not only worried that the decoration company does not have enough personnel to undertake the task of returning to work, but also worried about whether the decoration workers will come from high-risk epidemic areas. While the rest of the customers were affected by the epidemic, nearly half of them postponed their commencement expectations, and most chose to continue to wait and see the epidemic

on the other hand, under the influence of the epidemic, the property management in the community is strict, and the use of very light grids restricts access, so it is difficult for decoration workers to enter the community to start work. Therefore, many friends have left messages on government officials, hoping that the government will come forward to solve the problem and appropriately liberalize the community control, so as to facilitate the smooth decoration

due to the delay of customers' decoration plan, the home decoration industry is restrained, thus implicating the coating industry, which is the main component of home decoration. Paint dealers from different cities reported that although the shops were open for business, the passenger flow was scarce, the decoration of the community was prohibited, and the engineering projects were temporarily suspended. At present, most dealers choose to cooperate with manufacturers to conduct online drainage activities, waiting for market recovery

dealers, don't panic

from multiple perspectives, the market boom is coming.

as we all know, this is an affordable price, and it is an "era in which the only constant is change". However, this epidemic is unprecedented, and its impact and impact on China's household construction materials industry with a market capacity of 5trillion is indeed huge. Therefore, many dealers are at a loss and confused about the trend of the paint industry at present and after the epidemic. Indeed, such concerns exist, but don't panic! Because the coating industry will soon blowout, ushering in a new round of market boom

demand perspective

affected by macro-control and hardbound housing policies, the increment of real estate has been shrinking. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the incremental market is basically hopeless. After the epidemic, the real estate stock market will become the main battlefield of the game in the home building materials and home decoration industry. According to the announcement, the real estate market continued to recover in April, and the overall sales scale of real estate enterprises increased significantly month on month. In addition, according to the statistics of Kerry Research Center, Top100 real estate enterprises achieved a full-scale sales amount of 900.23 billion yuan in a single month in April, an increase of 17.2% month on month, an increase of 0.6% year on year, and became regular for the first time in the year. Combined with the introduction of the old house reconstruction policy, it can be said that the current new houses, second-hand houses, old house renovation, etc. will become the main source of home decoration demand

from the perspective of health

after this epidemic, consumers will cherish life more, pursue health and pay attention to green environmental protection. In the process of pursuing a better home life, consumers will have higher and more stringent requirements for the formaldehyde free, environmental protection, green, health and other functions of home building materials and home decoration products and materials directly related to home life. Therefore, formaldehyde free, environmental protection, antibacterial coating products will become the "treasure" of consumers, This will also drive the product structural growth of environmental protection coating enterprises and accelerate the pace of high-quality development

in addition, from the perspective of the working principle of the tensile testing machine and the long-term prevention of germs, in addition to developing good health habits, consumers should promote environmental friendly antibacterial coating products to create a safe and healthy living environment in the whole society, which is also an effective way to prevent trouble before it happens. For example, new environmental friendly antibacterial coatings such as Magnolia zeolite inner wall materials have become hot star coating products

from the perspective of competition

in the face of the epidemic, consumers will try to choose to understand and buy products online for safety reasons. Therefore, under the general trend of Internet economy, many enterprises and dealers have seen the "life buoy" of online marketing. At present, relying on the online marketing mode, dealers can focus on consulting, online design, online color matching, online ordering and other mitigation, and create more valuable content to attract customers through graphics, text, short video, audio and other forms. While the functions of offline stores will become more and more consumer experience, and gradually weaken the sales of products

"under the crisis, new opportunities will be born." Winter will eventually pass, and spring is bound to come. In fact, the outbreak of the epidemic has a great effect on the awakening of consumers' health awareness and the sales of environmental friendly antibacterial coatings. Under the general trend that the household market is still in rigid demand, environmentally friendly coatings with "sterilization" and "air purification" as the core selling points will become the focus of consumers' attention. Dealers only need to give up those product lines with poor quality and environmental protection performance and choose more market demand potential, high environmental protection performance and functional product lines, which will surely become a sharp weapon for their own market development and profit

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