Quality upgrading of Lovol riding high-speed rice

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Good partner for transplanting Lovol ride high-speed transplanter quality upgrade

good partner for transplanting Lovol ride high-speed transplanter quality upgrade

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do you remember transplanting seedlings with your parents in the seedling field in the scorching sun every year during the transplanting season. Sweating, not afraid of the scorching sun, quietly busy in the field... With the continuous improvement of the modernization level of agricultural machinery, the traditional manual rice transplanting method has been gradually replaced by mechanization, and the new intelligent rice transplanting mode has made planting more rapid and flexible. Lovol 2zg-6a30 riding high-speed rice transplanter speaks with strength. Come on, let's feel the charm of the new product together

high end configuration, one in a million

the rice transplanter is equipped with a high-power engine imported from Japan Yangma, which has strong power and reduced fuel consumption; Danfoss sliding boot type HST with large displacement and four-wheel drive is standard, and its driving range is also very wide and powerful; Equipped with anti trap, good passing performance in rotten field operation; Reinforced chassis, easy installation of anti trap wheel, good anti trap performance

comfortable driving, accurate planting

the variable speed pedal is linked with the engine accelerator and HST, and the headland turns easily and neatly; The main operating handle is easy to operate, and the planting part rises automatically when it retreats; It is the first to cruise at a constant speed, which is more convenient for large plots of land; The forced rotary transplanting mechanism has high transmission accuracy and small rotary vibration, realizing high-precision transplanting; Optimize the transplanting track, transplanting accurately, without damaging the seedlings

core components, patented technology

uniform plant spacing, high yield per mu, adjustable hole spacing of 7 grades, and good adaptability; The horizontal seedling taking amount is 4 blocks, the vertical seedling taking amount is 10 blocks, and the transplanting depth is multi-level adjustable to meet the requirements of different varieties of rice, so as to ensure that the maximum yield per mu is achieved, and 34100 euros of garbage treatment tax is paid every year; Key parts are imported, with reliable quality and low maintenance cost

To be eliminated by fine throwing

practice is the best way to identify strength and realize efficient and fast rice transplanting. It is right to choose Lovol 2zg-6a30 riding high-speed rice transplanter

it is necessary to measure the gauge distance of the specimen stretched to the given stress when the stress is determined

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