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Some countries' quarantine requirements for Chinese packaging

at present, in order to protect their forest resources from foreign dangerous pests, all countries have adopted relatively strict quarantine and quarantine measures for wood packaging. However, the personnel of domestic enterprises and agency departments are not very clear about this. In order to ensure the smooth customs clearance of export goods and avoid losses, the requirements of some major countries on the quarantine and quarantine treatment of our exit wooden packaging are introduced as follows:

1 Definition of wood packaging

wood packaging refers to the wood materials used to pack, cushion, support and reinforce goods, such as wooden cases, wooden crates, wooden pallets, warehouse materials, wooden shuttles, wooden mats, sleepers, wood liners, wooden shafts, wooden wedges, etc

2. Quarantine and quarantine treatment requirements of major countries

the United States, Canada and the United States issued a regulation in October 1998, which strictly stipulated the treatment requirements of wood packaging materials for goods imported from China to the United States in order to prevent the introduction of Anoplophora glabripennis. It was officially implemented on December 11, 1998 and July 7, 1998. The regulation requires that all wood packaging materials imported from China into the United States must be subject to heat treatment, fumigation or anti-corrosion treatment approved by the United States before leaving the country; In addition, the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institution shall issue a plant quarantine or fumigation certificate to prove that the batch of wood packaging materials have been destroyed; At the same time, the treated wood packaging materials shall be marked with Chinese processed marks. From March 18, 2001, the animal and plant quarantine of the United States will not accept fumigation with an ambient temperature below 5 ℃. However, the United States does not make the above requirements for synthetic materials or deeply processed packaging materials, such as plywood and fiberboard

the Australian government had the following regulations as early as May 1st, 1995: all wood and wood products (including deeply processed wood products, such as plywood, etc.) must be fumigated in the exporting country before being imported into Australia. Therefore, if the goods exported from China to Australia are packed in wood, they must apply to the inspection and quarantine authority for disinfection and disinfestation before leaving the country, and the entry-exit inspection and quarantine authority shall issue a fumigation certificate

Brazil issued Order No. 499 on November 3, 1999. In order to prevent the introduction of forest pests such as Anoplophora glabripennis, Brazil decided to implement new quarantine measures for wood packaging of goods from China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, North Korea and other countries from January 3, 2000. This measure requires repeated recycling, which is more difficult: all goods with wood packaging from the above countries must provide the Brazilian quarantine department with the quarantine certificate issued by the official quarantine department of the above countries, It is proved that the wooden packaging has been subjected to heat treatment, fumigation treatment or other insect prevention treatment approved by the Pakistani quarantine institution before shipment

the European Commission issued a resolution on wood packaging. In order to prevent the introduction of pine wood nematode, emergency quarantine measures have been taken for the packaging of coniferous trees from Canada, Japan, the United States and medium-sized countries since October 1, 2001. This measure requires that: if the goods exported to the EU are packed with coniferous trees in pine wood nematode epidemic areas, they must be disinfected before export, And the instrument operator should carefully browse and understand the correct protection and maintenance methods of the wire rod changing the experimental machine, and the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institution should issue the plant quarantine certificate; If the pine wood nematode is packed with coniferous trees in non epidemic areas, the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institution shall carry out quarantine and issue a plant quarantine certificate; If non coniferous trees are used for packaging, it must be ensured that the wood packaging does not contain bark and insect holes with a diameter greater than 3mm. Here, it should be noted that the 15 EU countries include: France, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Austria and Finland

New Zealand requires something similar to Australia

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