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Quanzhou will carry out special treatment activities for the home building materials industry

Quanzhou will carry out special treatment activities for the home building materials industry

September 12, 2014

[China paint information] Miss Zhang, a citizen, ordered the cabinet door of the overall wardrobe and handed in more than 3400 yuan to customize two wardrobes, but the merchant only made one, and the wardrobe had some defects. The merchant said that she could not refund immediately on the grounds of relocation; Mr. Su, a citizen, bought a batch of Guangdong floor tiles and paid 25000 yuan in advance. When receiving the goods, he found that the floor tiles were not produced in Guangdong and asked to return them, but the merchants said they could not return them... Since this year, the durability of the 12315 command center of Quanzhou Administration for Industry and commerce is the advantage of the experimental machine itself, and has accepted 370 consumer complaints about building materials, furniture, decoration and decoration

in order to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and operators, from now on to October 31, the Department of industry and Commerce will carry out special treatment of prominent problems in the furniture, building materials and decoration industries in Quanzhou City. The key commodity of this renovation is furniture products; Plastic pipes, aluminum profiles, coatings, wood-based panels and other decorative materials; Wires and cables, low-voltage electrical appliances, building fasteners and other products directly related to personal and property safety; Building sanitary ceramics, building thermal insulation materials and other products related to energy conservation and emission reduction; Wood flooring, adhesives, fire boards, gypsum boards, wallpapers, wooden furniture and other products that may release toxic and harmful substances; Liangyaqi, general manager of Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., said that home decoration building materials commodities are more complaints and reports from other consumers, which are concerned by public opinion and are closely related to the safety of people's lives and property

"this special rectification will focus on the use of anchor fatigue testing machines in furniture hypermarkets, building materials retail wholesale markets, building materials street stores, large professional shopping malls, and building materials cities in towns and townships, as well as the functional characteristics of the equipment. What's important is that Zui has long appeared, mainly experimental overload fields and decoration engineering companies." According to relevant sources, we will focus on investigating and dealing with four categories of illegal acts, including illegal subject qualifications, illegal product quality, consumer infringement, and unfair competition

it is reported that the four categories of illegal acts specifically include: illegal acts such as unlicensed operation of home decoration building materials dealers and decoration engineering companies, and fraudulent use of the company's name; Produce and sell home decoration building materials products that do not meet national standards; Forge the origin of commodities, forge or falsely use the name and address of others, forge or falsely use quality marks such as certification marks; Deliberately delaying or unreasonably refusing a consumer's request for repair, replacement, return, replenishment, refund of payment or compensation for losses; The results of "evaluation, recommendation and award" made by advertisements on the basis of real and scientific basis without scientific detection, identification conclusion and statistical data, or false propaganda such as "non-toxic and environmental protection"

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