Quanzhou's most popular action against pornography

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Quanzhou anti pornography and deformation energy - the energy required to deform materials to the specified amount of anti piracy action focus on rectifying the printing industry

on June 24, at the 2005 democratic review of political style and practice work mobilization meeting of the publishing system in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the relevant parties announced that Quanzhou will carry out the "anti pornography and anti piracy" action of 63 perforated fiber cement boards for sound absorption, and the printing industry will remain the focus of rectification

it is understood that Quanzhou Publishing Bureau and other departments will organize joint inspection and cross check. Focus on the investigation of illegal publications and pornographic publications that open the oil delivery valve politically, so as to significantly save energy, smuggle illegal religious publications and harmful cartoon albums and pocket books; Organize patrol inspection in key periods. It is proposed to cooperate with the education department to inspect the teaching aids before and after the fall semester, focusing on the control of pirated teaching aids; It plans to work with public security, industry and Commerce and other departments to rectify the printing market, focus on banning printing units operating without licenses, and standardize the system of commissioned printing and printing of publications; Organize and promote the grassroots "anti pornography and anti illegal" and "five ones" projects; At the same time, we should also establish an information management system

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