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Solve processing problems with new technology quattromill fast leopard plane milling cutter

quattromill fast leopard milling cutter adopts carefully selected milling cutter body materials, new design, new cutting edge concept and new tool clamping principle, which means that it can simply and reliably process all materials with high productivity. Extensive field tests have also confirmed these new technologies and the economic benefits they bring

contradictions in design

since the introduction of r257.1, the earliest indexable carbide blade milling cutter for free door-to-door installation and commissioning, Shangao Tool Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as shangao) has always been concerned about how to further improve this kind of cutter. Designers often encounter contradictions that need to balance the conflict between function and structure in design. For example, we can add internal cooling channels to make the milling cutter adapt to higher cutting speed, but this will weaken the structural strength; For a given diameter, we can increase the number of teeth to improve the material removal per unit time, but this will reduce the chip space and the support strength of the blade, which limits the maximum cutting force that the milling cutter can bear and makes it only use a lower feed rate. The above are all serious problems, but quattromill quick leopard milling cutter is not subject to this restriction. Its cutter body uses different kinds of environmentally friendly plastic bags dissolved in water, flame retardant plastic boxes, liquid metal, graphene... In recent years, a batch of new materials and other industry leading enterprise materials have emerged in Dongguan, which can avoid this dilemma. Materials with better toughness provide the ability of each cutter tooth to maintain its support strength when the support surface is smaller, so as to increase the number of teeth

quattromill quick leopard milling cutter is the result of many years of research by Yamaguchi. It solves the contradiction in the design, and every aspect is an innovative design: from the geometric angle and accuracy of the cutter body to the choice of cemented carbide material grade of the blade; From the design of blade clamping screw to the shape of blade base. The final result is to produce a high-strength, light cutting and user-friendly plane milling cutter, which can be used for high feed rate or high cutting speed. While introducing this plane milling cutter, shangao also introduced an innovative tool clamping system, which can improve the tool life of the cutting edge and minimize the runout of the milling cutter

basic characteristics

quattromill quick leopard milling cutter is a plane milling cutter used in modern milling machines and machining centers. It has two blade sizes (12mm and 9mm), and its diameter range is 20 ~ 200 mm. The geometric angle and effective rake angle of its super large positive angle are as high as 35 ° (super large positive angle groove type), so that it can make full use of the effective output power of the machine tool. The high-strength square blade makes the cutting depth as high as 6mm

The cutter body of quattromill quick leopard milling cutter is produced on advanced CNC machine tools with very high accuracy. A special coating is provided on the cutter body, which has a hardness of HV800 (about hrc64) and good wear resistance, so it can prolong the service life of the cutter. At the same time, the corrosion resistance of the coating ensures that the charming appearance of the milling cutter can be maintained for a long time

the blade base with redefined geometric angle has a positive rake angle of 10 ° on the tool body. The relatively thick blade with high strength and toughness is also processed with very high accuracy, which makes the milling cutter obtain high machining reliability when cutting. The blade is equipped with an integrated knife pad to minimize the risk of blade damage. There are 7 different groove types to choose from the blade with horizontal front face to the blade with +25 ° front angle. In addition, there are 7 grades of cemented carbide materials to choose from (including the new t200m and t350m). Yamaguchi also supplies lf type CBN blades (the whole surface is made of CBN materials). The wide processing range of blades enables users to process steel parts, stainless steel, cast iron, hard materials, and even super alloys very economically. In addition to the new concept of cutter body and blade, quattromill quick leopard milling cutter system also integrates high-strength and special blade clamping screws, which are jointly developed by Sango tool company and Swiss manufacturer SFS. Because there is no separate knife pad, the number of spare parts is reduced. The thread, length, material selection and head shape of the screw are specially selected for the target user. With the torxplustm screw, the rotation of the blade is a very safe and simple operation. We can fix the blade according to the principle of the blade center clamping (the clamping method of center locking). When the blade is rotated, the screw does not have to be completely screwed out, and the rotation operation can even be carried out when the milling cutter is installed on the machine tool

users can select milling cutters with normal tooth pitch, dense teeth or sparse teeth. Among them, the relatively small number of teeth (sparse teeth) is used in the case of insufficient machine power; Dense teeth are suitable for processing cast iron and other short chip materials. If productivity (high feed speed) is valued, it can also provide an economic solution for processing hard materials. In qua4, 10% ttromill quick leopard milling cutter series with power supply voltage fluctuation not exceeding the rated voltage also provides arbor type milling cutter (diameter 20 ~ 32mm). For milling cutters with a diameter not exceeding 125mm, the internal cooling path is standard. Quattromill fast leopard milling cutter's extremely light cutting also ensures that it is the most excellent low-noise milling cutter

performance improvement efficiency

the fundamental advantage of the new quattromill fast leopard milling cutter from yamago is safety, reliability and convenience for users. The inherent characteristics of the milling cutter are also insensitive to the "irregularity" in the processing process (poor quality of workpiece materials, unknown or unknown processing characteristics, and changes in chemical composition). In the case of "risk management", a common goal of factories is to correctly complete the processing of workpieces - fast, cheap and safe

the easiest way to "limit costs" is to buy cheaper blades. The simulation test shows that the purchase cost of the blade is reduced by 20%, which has no impact on the processing time (productivity) of the workpiece, but will reduce the total production cost by about 2%

another possibility is to use a better blade. Better blade quality can be used to improve tool life (under constant cutting conditions). In the same simulation test, we know that the tool life of the blade is increased by 20%, the processing time is reduced by about 3%, and the production cost is reduced by about 4%. Another way to use a better blade is to increase the cutting condition (speed) by 20% (constant tool life). This intervention needs to be checked against these two key points, so that the processing time can be shortened by 21% and the production cost can be reduced by 18%

the above two factors can be combined (increase the cutting speed by 20% and increase the tool life by 20%, for example, by using f40m). This reduces the processing time by 24% and the production cost by 21%

effective production control (total cost and productivity management) can be obtained in different ways. Some methods are quick and effective, but the overall effect is not so good. Other approaches require more structural intervention, but the return is also much better. Each production manager or workshop manager will decide the best method suitable for him, and Yamaguchi can help with the low sensitivity of the milling cutter to "workpiece material irregularity". Quattromill quick leopard milling cutter is indeed a kind of milling cutter with "better rigidity". It can make processing problems less and downtime shorter, and the result is high efficiency and low cost

patented milling cutter handle

in the development process of quattromill quick leopard milling cutter, yamago invested a lot of energy in the clamping of milling cutter. For example, the size of the tool can be very accurate and has excellent quality in other aspects. In addition, the machine tool itself can meet the most stringent requirements on vibration reduction and cutting capacity, but if the clamping is not ideal, the clamping performance of the milling cutter becomes the weakest link in the processing technology, resulting in too much tool runout. When using traditional tool clamping, the runout may be as much as 40mm. To keep the runout to a minimum, the clamping of the milling cutter should be concentric with respect to the mandrel. With the patented accu fittm tool clamping system, yamago accurately aligns the position of the milling cutter through the hydraulic expansion mandrel to minimize the jump. The contact between the tool shank and the milling cutter is further guaranteed by the axial clamping screw, so the machining accuracy is improved to meet the modern cutting requirements of high-quality machine tools. Therefore, the tool life of the cutting edge is increased, and the noise generated in the milling process is also reduced. Processed from hardened steel and dynamically balanced, accu fittm is popular in applications involving high-speed and difficult to machine materials. The principle of self centering ensures the balance of the clamping unit - the connection of milling cutters is maintained all the time, even in high-speed machining applications with high requirements. Accu fittm tool handle is supplied with HSK, BT or v-flange (din/iso) and other standards; The diameter of the spindle ranges from 22 to 40mm. For the spindle of the tool handle and above, the internal cooling channel is standard

extensive tests

Yamaguchi will never bring to the market such a new product concept as quattromill quick leopard milling cutter, which contains so many research results and is full of expectations, before meeting the quality requirements of actual working conditions. In 2004, shangao conducted a large number of experiments on the combination of quattromill and accu fittm at many key customers

for example, in one of the experiments related to the cutting of stainless steel AISI316L, it was found that it was feasible to apply a much higher feed rate than the competitor's equivalent tool, and other cutting conditions were almost the same. The cutter itself has only one obvious difference: quattromill quick leopard milling cutter has one more tooth. As seen in the experiment, it is feasible to provide 1, 2 or even 3 more teeth for quattromill quick leopard milling cutter under the condition of the same diameter, because the characteristics of the cutter body material create conditions for this, and more teeth will not weaken the strength of the milling cutter. Therefore, the result of the above test is to shorten the processing beat by 30% (due to the higher feed speed), and the tool life is increased by 30%, and fully meet the indicators of processing quality

in another experiment, when machining gray cast iron gg25, quattromill fast leopard milling cutter and its competitor's milling cutter with larger diameter adopt lower cutting speed and higher feed per tooth, while other working conditions are the same. The result is that the tool life of quattromill fast leopard milling cutter is increased by 40%. At the same time, the obvious characteristics observed are low noise and smooth cutting. In the experiment of quattromill quick leopard milling cutter used to process steel parts, the results are more convincing: in a case, the processing beat is increased by 50% - 100%, and the productivity is doubled (obtained by doubling the feed speed). When the milling cutter is used to cut superalloys, the difference in productivity is small, and the processing time is shortened by 28% - 50%

quattromill fast leopard milling cutter represents simplicity and productivity. Quattromill fast leopard milling cutter is specially designed for plane milling, especially for small and medium-sized milling machines. When combined with the innovative accufittm shank, the milling cutter performs better than the original milling cutter or competitor milling cutter in these applications, and also simplifies the application itself. Quattromill quick leopard milling cutter has low requirements for the professional knowledge and technology of the operator, can achieve faster blade rotation, and can achieve good results in productivity, surface roughness and tool life. For difficult to machine materials (hardened steel, stainless steel and super alloy), quattromill quick leopard milling cutter has advantages. Detailed tests show that this kind of milling cutter has better performance because

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