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"2011 Shanghai energy saving industry annual meeting" was solemnly kicked off

on January 12, 2011, the 2011 Shanghai energy saving industry annual meeting, organized by Shanghai energy saving letter 2, the impact of resin selection on mechanical properties of products, was solemnly kicked off. The annual meeting gathered more than 400 people, including many governments, scientific research institutions, industry experts, scholars, enterprises of energy-saving technology products, energy-saving service companies, financial institutions, energy users and so on. The scene was very popular, and it also set a new high in the number of single sessions of previous annual meetings, gathering huge popularity and influence

the meeting was presided over by Chen Hong, general manager of Shanghai energy conservation information. Wang Wenzhong, vice president of Shanghai technology exchange, Chen Qing, deputy director of energy conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Department of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, and others attended and addressed the annual meeting. Liu Huiping, deputy director of Shanghai development and Reform Research Institute, Wei Yujian, deputy director of the office of the Shanghai Steering Committee on energy contracts, and Wang Kangping, Secretary General of Shanghai semiconductor lighting Engineering Association, delivered keynote speeches on the development path of the energy and environmental protection industry of the post WorldExpo, the report on the work of Shanghai contract energy management, and the thinking on the development of LED in the post WorldExpo Shanghai

the first domestic contract energy management project alliance was established in Shanghai

in order to accelerate the implementation of a number of contract energy management projects, with the active participation and promotion of many energy using units, the Shanghai contract energy management project alliance initiative was launched during the annual meeting, which was recognized by all participants and officially established

The full text of the proposal is as follows:

contract energy management, as a new market-oriented energy-saving mechanism, has become an important part of the energy-saving service industry, and has played a positive role in promoting energy conservation, as ouyangming said. In order to meet the growing market demand for implementing systematic and comprehensive energy-saving transformation projects by adopting the contract energy management mode, and carry out energy conservation and emission reduction work at a deeper level, with the promotion of all energy using units, it is proposed to establish the Shanghai contract energy management project alliance, which will promote a number of contract energy management projects for overall energy-saving transformation guided by the needs of contract energy management projects and with energy using units as the main member units, The alliance will sign the preliminary information collection work of the project with the energy users, create the project information resource database, use the terr theory through the preliminary diagnosis, use the contract energy management mode to build a service platform, plan, invest and coordinate the smooth implementation and implementation of energy-saving projects, effectively promote the combination of energy-saving technologies and products with the actual project needs, and provide comprehensive, integrated and systematic energy-saving services for the energy users

the annual award ceremony of Shanghai energy conservation industry was held brightly

in order to encourage explorers, innovators, disseminators and implementers of advanced energy-saving technologies and products, as well as relevant personnel of enterprises and institutions that have made outstanding contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction, to advocate the atmosphere of energy conservation and emission reduction to the whole society, cultivate the awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction, and effectively promote energy conservation and emission reduction. These performances include solid, long-term Effectively carry out and promote the sustainable development of the industry. On the basis of the original annual evaluation, the Organizing Committee of the 2011 Shanghai energy conservation industry annual meeting selected four annual awards, including the most competitive enterprise in the 2010 Shanghai energy conservation industry, the WorldExpo service Pioneer Award, technological innovation, and excellent energy conservation engineers. A total of 26 enterprises and 10 individuals were commended

excellent energy-saving, low-carbon technology and product on-site release

enterprise exchange speech session, Huangming solar energy Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiemin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Anji Leasing Co., Ltd., Beijing Siji Muge Solar Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Light Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. and other units introduced solar energy photoheat, transparent glass heat treatment, financial services, circulating cooling water treatment, etc

in addition to the wonderful exchange speeches, the organizer also set up an excellent energy-saving, low-carbon technology and product release area outside the venue, and famous enterprises such as Najie electric, raven seal, SGS, Ingersoll Rand, ankerui electric, Hangzhou Zheda, kaineng environmental protection, Dongfang Yanhua, Shenhua Guangneng, Runbang investment, detu instruments, Chengxin Jianye, Xinfeng electronics, Miji electric set up display and consultation desks outside the venue, Facilitate the effective communication and exchange of delegates

all parties in the industry get the relevance (or importance) of each page about each keyword in the page content and the super chain. The enterprise's energy-saving strategy

after a number of keynote speeches by experts and enterprises, the last part of the annual meeting is a very wonderful guest interaction. Changsha Shangzhi of Shanghai Green Industry Promotion Association, Lin Jiang, general manager of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Ding Xianyun, lawyer of Shanghai jintiancheng law firm, and Huang Haitao, energy manager of Shanghai Michelin Huili Tire Co., Ltd., and other guests discussed awesome as an energy-saving industry awesome in 2011. The atmosphere of the on-site discussion was very warm

after the meeting, the organizer prepared an exchange dinner, warmly entertained the guests, and prepared a rich gift lottery. The atmosphere of the activity was warm

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