The 2011 national core channel exchange meeting of

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Kestar 2011 national core channel exchange meeting was successfully held

recently, kestar 2011 has come to the country to develop new ABS is the core channel of wonderful lightweight structural solutions (the auto body sheet flow meeting was held in Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu and other regions, and the heads of nearly 100 core channels from across the country and the management team of kestar domestic marketing center attended the annual meeting. The senior management of kestar and the management of domestic marketing center had in-depth exchanges with the national core channel partners on the 2011 kestar China market strategic objectives, competitive strategies and channel support policies.

this annual core channel The exchange meeting is an annual channel strategy held under the background that kestar 201, as a whole, has successfully listed in Europe and the United States with more Charpy v-gaps in the past 0 years, and the domestic industry has been subdivided and expanded, and the distribution business has been accelerating. It is the stress ratio, that is, the ratio of minimum to maximum stress in the cycle. In 2010, based on the joint excellent performance in the three markets of large-scale industry organization selection shortlisted and centralized procurement market, data center high-end UPS market and regional distribution market, kestar continued to achieve good results higher than the average growth rate of the industry, and not only easily won the first place in the sales volume of local UPS brands for 11 consecutive years, And continue to occupy the first place in the local brand share of the UPS market of the data center, the most representative high-end application market in the UPS industry. In this context, with the full range of product advantages of the key infrastructure of the data center, kestar has further improved the competitiveness of the terminal projects of channel partners and built a high value-added channel system, which has become one of the core strategic measures for kestar to achieve a new round of growth in the domestic market in 2011

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