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Metal detector: an umbrella for product safety

the food and pharmaceutical industry is restricted by very strict laws and regulations. Its purpose is to prevent safety problems in the supply chain and ensure the production. We have developed a dryer suitable for consumption. According to the law, the manufacturer should be responsible for any problems in the production process

if there is a safety problem, sometimes the product will be recalled, which will definitely damage the brand image. In case of product recall, the manufacturer needs to prove that its products have been properly tested, including due diligence. The manufacturer needs to provide relevant certification to ensure that the products meet the requirements of laws and regulations

global product safety issues have a significant impact on the food and pharmaceutical industries. For example, the food safety law of 1990 stipulates that all food manufacturers that need to export to Europe must provide certification content that can prove product quality and product safety. In addition, China's regulations are becoming increasingly perfect and strict. The food safety law was officially implemented on June 1st, 2009, aiming to strengthen China's food safety supervision to meet the needs of consumers and meet international food safety requirements

as a detection method, metal detector can help manufacturers comply with strict regulations. Metal detector can detect metal foreign matters in the production process of food and pharmaceutical industries, and timely find out potential hazards and dangerous external factors, including iron, non-iron and non-magnetic stainless steel. The latest metal detector is designed according to the manufacturer's comprehensive factors such as quality, safety, cost, efficiency and regulatory requirements

Safeline metal detector in the production workshop

win-win situation

customer recognition is crucial to a successful brand. The brand needs to always ensure customer satisfaction. When the brand fails to meet customer satisfaction, it loses all credibility. If there is a product recall, it will pose a threat to the brand's reputation and may lead customers to switch to competitors' products

quality control plays a vital role in building a good brand reputation and avoiding product recall. Therefore, successful food and pharmaceutical brands focus on using large amounts of money for quality control, so as to maintain their credibility in the eyes of customers. Only in this way can the brand establish the reputation of high-quality and reliable products in the eyes of customers

metals are the most common physical pollutants in food and pharmaceutical products. Therefore, it is a wise practice to use metal detector in the process of quality assurance. These detectors can achieve a win-win situation between brands and consumers: the improvement of product safety will bring tangible benefits to consumers, thereby improving consumer loyalty, and the increase in sales caused by the improvement of consumer loyalty will benefit the brand a lot

choose a reliable solution

in the process of fermentation, production and packaging, almost all food or drugs will have physical and bacterial pollution risks, so product testing is very important. Installing a metal detection system can not only identify the contaminated products, but also use a kind of removal device to automatically remove the contaminated products from the production process. The implementation of a documented metal testing procedure can also help to take measures to prevent the recurrence of the problem in the future

manufacturers should choose the test type that best suits their own needs. This can be determined through "hazard analysis and critical control points" (HACCP) analysis, which is used in the food industry to identify potential food safety hazards

when you choose the suitable metal detection equipment for the production line, you need to choose the equipment suitable for strong water washing for the harsh production environment. This is also very beneficial when selecting suitable testing equipment for large packaged products and finished products

finally, the detection head with advanced digital operation and dual channel technology can ensure that all metals are detected and comprehensive quality control is obtained. The system can be easily integrated into existing production lines and applications

the latest metal detector is extremely reliable and can be specially used in harsh environments. These machines use the most advanced and innovative technology to detect all types of products, including conductive products and high moisture products - these are the most difficult products to detect

the globalization of product safety has a particularly significant impact on the food and pharmaceutical industry. For example, the current law requires China to provide quality and safety control certificates before exporting goods to Europe. The new legislation, which came into force on June 1st, 2009, aims to strengthen China's food safety mechanism and meet consumers' demand for safer food. From now on, all industries in China need to rely on good product testing solutions to enter the European market

value added income

manufacturers can gain more benefits by selecting appropriate metal detectors, including compliance with food and pharmaceutical safety standards. First of all, the advanced metal detector is reliable, consistent, and can be used for a long time to obtain the maximum return on investment. In addition, an effective detection mechanism can maximize productivity and eliminate contaminated products in time without stopping the production line. These systems can also be equipped with software with condition monitoring technology, which can provide an early warning before the actual hazard occurs

3. PE and other fine caliber hoses used for the connection of water purifiers are often used. In addition, the company needs to provide certification that safety measures have been taken in the production process. The manufacturer will also be required to provide written certification documents to prove it. Some metal detectors have been equipped with portable printers, which are convenient to connect and obtain production information at any time. At the same time, they also provide a variety of data export methods to obtain effective data and records. All of these are to ensure that manufacturers can obtain accurate and reliable information about aspentm melt blown polyethylene fiber resin - according to the author's investigation - to make textiles such as BICO SMS softer, more comfortable, stronger, more durable and easier to process

there is such an application case. Way on food company belongs to seewoo group and provides Chinese food and chili sauce control engineering for the group. In the production process, METTLER TOLEDO Safeline metal detector is selected to ensure that the products meet high requirements. The customer chose the R-Series profile metal detector and attached the "quick change" module, which can use a product setting to detect a variety of products, so that way on food company can easily deal with the great challenges brought by the high frequency of product replacement from Chinese supermarkets. Customers also benefit from the consistent support from Mettler Toledo. The service tenet of 7 days and 24 hours helps way on food company minimize downtime and maximize production efficiency

label: sustainable manufacturing, metal detector, product safety, and standardization. Food manufacturers ensure the production of high-quality food that meets customer requirements by using a trusted product detection system

the main investment of manufacturers is to purchase metal detection machines, but advanced detection equipment has excellent reliability and sustainable operation, thus reducing the total use cost. From the moment the system is installed, metal detection equipment will help ensure maximum productivity and competitiveness, and minimize the economic burden on enterprises

the most advanced system can be equipped with airborne condition monitoring function, which can send an early warning to users before potential problems actually occur. This function can be used to reduce downtime, because it can start routine maintenance procedures when the system is offline

according to the current regulations, the company must provide certificates that can prove that the necessary safety processes and audits have been implemented, and sometimes the manufacturer is required to provide written certificates that the tests have been carried out. In the specific process, the metal detector can be configured and connected to the connected portable printer to collect data. Metal detectors can also provide a wide range of connection solutions for effective data collection and recording. This will ensure that the manufacturer always carries out due diligence throughout the production process

in today's competitive market, the food and pharmaceutical industry needs to ensure that its products are of the highest quality possible. If manufacturers want to meet the specific standards of current legislation, they need to always pay attention to product testing. Similarly, manufacturers must also be able to respond to updates and amendments in the food safety law. Metal detectors seem to be the most cost-effective, reliable and efficient way to protect brands and ensure consumer satisfaction

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