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<2. Verification method P> the 2012 interim working conference of CSG group was held in Dongguan as scheduled

from July 10 to 1, as a world leading innovative enterprise, the 2012 interim working conference of CSG group was held in Dongguan as scheduled. The agenda of this meeting includes the group's senior management examination, the work speech of the head of the president department, the group discussion of each business unit of the group, and the General Assembly report made by President Zeng, chairman and CEO of the group. Leaders of the group's president department, department managers of the group headquarters, senior management cadres above the assistant level of general managers of all business divisions and secondary companies, 11 so they had to intercept samples horizontally and vertically. 3 people attended the meeting

at 8:30 a.m. on the 11th, the conference officially kicked off. First of all, Wu Guobin, Ke Hanqi, Lu Wenhui, vice president of the group, Luo Youming, chief financial officer of the group, and Ding Jiuru, assistant to the president of the group made working speeches respectively

Mr. Wu analyzed the market pressure and crisis borne by the whole industry from the current depressed economic environment, and pointed out that how to improve product quality, innovate the level of research and development, and change the mode of operation will become the goals of breakthrough in the second half of the year. The business division must pay close attention to the implementation and work hard; Mr. Ke proposed that in order to survive and develop under the unprecedented severe crisis, we must unswervingly focus on the general policies of "innovation and change", "technological progress" and "lean management" formulated by the group at the beginning of the year, and insist on doing a good job. Designers and engineers must realize the work of "increasing revenue, reducing costs and increasing efficiency" of the photovoltaic industry; President Lu made a forward-looking analysis on the current competitive situation of the fine glass industry, R & D operations and the way out of the division, and compared the challenges faced by the division in the industry with the image of "surfing", emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of R & D and operation; Luo general discussed cost control and management with real cases within the group in combination with internal control and audit, and proposed that internal control should be systematized in terms of material cost, fixed assets, inventory fund management, etc., and refined cost management should be formed into a system and internalized into a corporate culture, which should be carried out as a growth strategy; General manager Ding started with this year's Reserve Manager examination, analyzed the current situation and existing problems of talent team construction, and proposed that the serious shortage of manager reserve forces would restrict the development of CSG, requiring that team construction be included in the assessment of top leaders

in the next business group discussion, the participants had a full in-depth and intense discussion on the problems encountered in the first half of the year in terms of industrial development, innovation management, operation mechanism, technological progress, cadre team construction and so on. President Zeng listened carefully to the discussion and speeches of each group and made detailed comments on the operation difficulties, staff team construction, product research and development and sales management of each business division

the summary meeting will be held after the group discussion on the afternoon of the 12th. At the meeting, President Zeng made a brief comment on the overall operation of the group in the first half of 2012, and put forward management requirements and expectations for the business objectives of each business division in the second half of the year. He hoped that each business division would effectively implement them and work with hope and peace of mind regardless of the market situation. Mr. Zeng emphasized that the merger of the flat panel and engineering glass business division in the first half of the year straightened out the relationship between the upstream and downstream of the industry and improved the group's operating capacity. From the data point of view, active financial management measures were implemented this year, and the asset liability ratio continued to decline from January to June, strengthening the management of accounts receivable and enhancing the ability to prevent operational risks. President Zeng also asked managers at all levels to have policies, humanity and wisdom to ensure the stability of the workforce, especially with regard to employee turnover and employee relationship management

President Zeng also reminded managers with his career experience and life experience that no matter what situation he faced, there should be no "pessimism" in his work and life. He had to rely on "blood" and "hard work", keep learning, dare to overcome all difficulties, go forward bravely, and appear on the CSG stage with a "all-out" attitude and high morale. Zhonghua glass () Department

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