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At the beginning of 2011, the three-day "2010 annual summit and 2011 new product launch" of oulinya ecological bamboo textile was successfully held in Changsha, Hunan Province. This event was immediately cooled and finalized by Yang Ying, chairman of oulinya ecological bamboo textile, Qiu Liang, general manager Fu Zexing, relevant leaders of Hunan provincial Party Committee and government, provincial CPPCC, Changsha Municipal Party committee and municipal CPPCC, and famous TV host Lu Yu The wonderful annual meeting attended by more than 600 employees, family members and more than 300 franchisees of L'Oreal ecological bamboo textile company has become the most awesome annual summit of enterprises in China's bamboo fiber industry in 2010, with unprecedented grandeur

At the beginning of the summit, Mr. Yang Qiuliang, chairman of the board, delivered an opening speech and made a 2010 annual work report. L'Oreal ecological bamboo textile was founded in 2006. In 2010, the company's terminal sales exceeded 600million yuan, making it a well deserved industry overlord in China's bamboo fiber industry. By the end of 2010, L'Oreal had more than 1000 stores nationwide, with an average annual profit of 300000 yuan per store. L'Oreal has created a super awesome money making machine - the powerful profit making ability of franchisees. The next goal in front of the company is to go public in 2012. At this time, at least 100 millionaires will be incubated, including the company's shareholders, the company's excellent employees, and the country's excellent franchisees...

the 2011 spring and summer new product launch was launched at this annual summit with a high profile. The chief product designer of oulinya brilliantly interpreted the "2011 spring and summer new products of oulinya", from the R & D team, to technological innovation, to the positioning, creativity, and selling points of new products, When it comes to the future development direction of products, on-site explanation and training showed the franchisees a comprehensive display of the advent of the electric pole made of the new type of ecological bamboo composite material of oringa, spinning the natural, green, environmental protection, healthy product concept and fashionable and elegant urban temperament, which won bursts of applause. L'Oreal created an original "order while walking" model, and the maximum order amount of a single store reached a record high and the highest in the industry

at the award ceremony of the 2010 annual summit of L'Oreal, the vice chairman of the CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee had high adaptability to the process; Xi gongjianming, he Baoxiang, chairman of the Hunan Federation of industry and commerce, Tang Zepei, Deputy Secretary General of the Hunan Provincial CPPCC, laixinzheng, deputy secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Peng Jiqiu, vice chairman of the Changsha CPPCC, and other provincial and municipal leaders came to the scene to guide and award awards to the winning franchisees

the signing ceremony of Luyu's endorsement of oulinya ecological bamboo textile in 2011 was also held at the annual summit. This year is the third year for Lu Yu to join hands with L'Oreal. She admitted her love for L'Oreal's ecological bamboo textile and her support for the cause of ecological environmental protection, and wished the national franchisees to develop and share with L'Oreal

this is the annual meeting of an enterprise and the annual summit of China's bamboo fiber industry. As an emerging industry, China's bamboo fiber industry has entered a period of rapid market growth. The bamboo fiber industry has become a hot project of venture capital in recent years with its concepts of green, low-carbon and environmental protection. More and more entrepreneurs who join the ranks of bamboo fiber are making a lot of money now

get together again, share and win the future. The 2010 annual summit of L'Oreal and the 2011 spring and summer new product launch came to a perfect end. However, it is L'Oreal and China's bamboo fiber industry that will never end. The year waiting for them in 2011 will be more awesome and wonderful

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