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Zhanboluo continues to deepen its local strategy and embrace the cloudy era

China, Beijing, March 19, 2020 -- zhanboluo, a leading manufacturer providing AI driven security networks, reviews the company's business development. 2019 is a year of great changes in the network environment. With the full opening of 5g and 400g technologies, the explosive growth of cloud computing and other industry trends, enterprises are also facing more challenges of digital transformation. Nowadays, multi cloud has gradually become an irresistible technology trend and industry consensus. In order to meet the new market demand, zhanboluo also actively focuses on the multi cloud market, and cooperates with customers to establish and develop multi cloud infrastructure and network platforms. In the face of the great changes in the Chinese market, zhanboluo also took the initiative to provide safe, reliable, convenient and efficient solutions for customers in all walks of life, and cope with the rapidly changing market changes

strong upgrading of solutions, leading the direction of digital transformation technology

in terms of UL's re appearance of multi cloud services with brand-new performance materials services, zhanboluo takes technological innovation as the source power, constantly delivers excellent solutions for enterprises and the market, and realizes the transformation to a hybrid IT system. With the groundbreaking upgrading of products and solutions, zhanboluo will continue to make efforts in the multi cloud market in 2019, from the construction of the underlying network to the support of the contract multi cloud service solution, and help enterprises achieve safe, concise and scalable unified management in a complex network environment in an all-round way

looking back to 2019, zhanboluo's excellent products and solutions are still strong and have achieved brilliant results. For example, provide a strong Cloud Architecture for the 5g transformation of operators and create end-to-end services; Launch juniper connected security strategy, carry out technical integration with alliance partners, and escort the network security of enterprises. What is more worth mentioning is that zhanboluo announced the acquisition of the artificial intelligence driven cloud wireless network pioneer mist system in March, 2019. Combined with a powerful AI intelligent driving solution, it launched the first artificial intelligence driven network suitable for enterprises

with its proud achievements and strength, zhanboluo was once again selected as the leader quadrant of Gartner's "magic quadrant of data center network 2019", and was rated as the preferred supplier of Gartner peer insights data center network and wired and wireless LAN access infrastructure customers in 2019. In the data center security clearance (dcsg) report in 2019, it also received the recommended rating of NSS labs

localization strategy continues to deepen and stimulate new market potential

2019 is the year of reform for zhanboluo. For the local market, on the basis of strong product portfolio and the ratio of force measuring piston to main engine working piston technical strength, breakthroughs and changes have been made in organizational structure, sales channels, service mode, marketing and other aspects

nxtwork partner summit was grandly opened in July 2019, and we gathered together with many partners to discuss innovation. At the same time, it has also created a business model of close cooperation with local cloud merchants, helped customers' multi Cloud Architecture, and won widespread trust and recognition. At the CXO Summit Forum held the next day, zhanboluo and many domestic and foreign technical effects were an orderly list of items. Experts and industry elites explored global network technology trends and leading cases, and comprehensively demonstrated the open network ecosystem. In addition, in view of the current market situation in China, zhanboluo has also adjusted and deepened its market strategy. By adapting to the local market environment and customer characteristics, it has developed a new marketing model, which has attracted the in-depth attention of a large number of customers and has been widely praised

with the continuous deepening of localization strategy and technology leading products and solutions, zhanboluo successfully won eight industry awards in 2019, including zhanboluo srx5000 series security business was rated as the best network security product of 2019 by CCID; Chambro CEM solution won the best innovative solution award and other honors issued by IT168

deepening industry consensus and achieving win-win development

a good and open partnership is the basis for enterprises to achieve win-win cooperation. Zhanboluo continues to uphold the concept of open and win-win cooperation, and works with many powerful partners at home and abroad to jointly promote the innovation and development of network digitalization, including maintaining a strong momentum of cooperation with Ericsson, jointly launching 5g solutions, and deepening cooperation in the field of 5g and network security; It integrates with the sonic software launched by Microsoft for cloud open network, providing a simple and automated management platform for cloud computing providers; As well as boosting the development of domestic network digitalization, cooperating with leading domestic Internet manufacturers to build a digital network platform, and working together continuously during the shopping festival to ensure the smooth operation of the network

by Zhan boluokai, they also have colleagues and classmates who have used our machine source and actively promoted the tungsten fabric Chinese community, which officially landed in China in 2019. Tungsten fabric was born for a multi Cloud Architecture, which is the general trend of SDN development. As an important contributor to the multi cloud open source community, zhanboluo hopes to effectively promote the communication between Chinese communities and the world, and provide a better and easier access platform for local needs

Lin Xiaoping, vice president of zhanboluo and general manager of China, said: 2019 is the key year for us to make breakthroughs in China's transformation. In the face of changes in the network environment, zhanboluo is flexible and successful in moving towards change and transformation. At present, the whole industry is jointly meeting the opportunities and challenges of the cloudy era. Zhanboluo will continue to spare no effort to lead the innovative development and technological progress of the industry, help Chinese enterprises create a better network environment, and will also work together with more domestic partners to create brilliance

2019 is a year of reform and breakthrough for zhanboluo. Through continuous reform and innovation, it has achieved successful breakthroughs and long-term development. In the future, zhanboluo will continue to uphold the commitment of refined research to simplicity, deepen local development strategies, focus on industry trends, and help more customers develop rapidly in the cloudy era

about zhanboluo

zhanboluo is committed to challenging the complexity of network connection and security in the cloud era. This is achieved through products, solutions and services that change the way we interact, work and live. We have simplified the process of migrating to a secure and automated multi cloud environment to provide a secure, AI driven network that connects the world

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