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Zhang Yin became the first woman's richest man. Eight years ago, her property was only a paper machine. The 2006 Hurun rich list was announced in Shanghai on the morning of October 11. At the age of 49, Zhang Yin had a wealth of 27billion yuan, becoming the first woman's richest man in China and 1. 1% in the world A portal host, the richest self-made woman

Zhang Yin's Nine Dragons Paper has a total market capitalization of 37.5 billion yuan, and she owns 72% of the shares. Nine Dragons Paper obtained more than 500 times of oversubscription at the time of IPO. Zhang Yin was born in Heilongjiang. She became the richest person through waste paper recycling and reproduction. Most of the assets she started from decided that the difference between the sensors she used was a paper machine in a remote town in Dongguan eight years ago. Zhang Yin is very low-key. The exclusive interview of Hurun Baifu is her first public interview

Huang Guangyu ranked second with 20billion yuan. His wealth increased by 5.5 billion yuan in a year, of which 4.5 billion yuan came from converting "unlisted assets" to work, family, relatives and friends into listed assets. The rise in share price earned him another 1billion yuan

Zhu Mengyi ranked third with 16.5 billion yuan, and the share price of his listed company increased by 383% in the recent year. Zhu Mengyi donated 1billion yuan to charity in June this year

among the 500 richest people on the list, 35 are women, accounting for 7% of the total number on the list. It reflects the extraordinary business talents of Chinese women

information source: Xinmin Evening News

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