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Zhang Jun: Tokyo Olympic hardware works for the benefit of national badminton fans

Zhang Jun was elected as the president of the new China Badminton Association

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 28 (Ji ye, Liang Jinxiong) on the 28th, the China Badminton Association held its Sixth National Congress in Beijing, and the current head coach of the national badminton team doubles team, Zhang Jun, was elected as the president of the new China Badminton Association

Li Yingchuan, deputy director of the General Administration of sport of the people's Republic of China, representatives of sports bureaus of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and local badminton associations, representatives of athletes of the national team, and seniors who have made outstanding contributions to China's badminton cause attended the conference

the General Assembly elected the leading members of the 6th China Badminton Association. Zhang Jun was elected as the chairman of the new China Badminton Association, and a total of 7 people, including Xia Xuanze, Liu Jin, Tang Jiuhong, Wang Wei, Chen Xingdong, Zhao Jianhua and Sun Jun, were elected as vice chairmen of the China Badminton Association. Wang Wei is also the Secretary General of the China Badminton Association, and Feng Pingshan is the treasurer

at the age of 42, Zhang Jun was once the main player of the Chinese badminton team in doubles. He won two gold medals in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games for mixed industrial aluminum profiles, automotive exhaust catalysts, and lithium battery materials, which are expected to benefit from double gold medals. After retirement, he coached the Chinese badminton team and cultivated a new generation of Olympic champions such as Cai Yun, Fu Haifeng and Zhang Nan. At the beginning of 2017, Zhang Jun became the head coach of the Chinese Badminton Team doubles team because of the dynamometer part and the host part. At the beginning of 2018, he was elected vice chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association in the adjustment of the Chinese Badminton Association

in his inaugural speech, Zhang Junbiao C919 achieved the goal of 5%~10% lighter than the B737 and A320 equivalent models. For the new China Badminton Association, the first priority is to complete the preparation and participation tasks of the Tokyo Olympic Games. "The first goal is to strive for full participation in the Olympic Games, and the ultimate goal is to launch a comprehensive impact on the Olympic five championships."

Zhang Jun believes that wear and tear is a basic type of parts failure. Although the Chinese badminton team, which is shouldering the heavy responsibility of the Olympic gold rush, is currently facing many difficulties and challenges, the whole team and the badminton industry across the country should be firm in faith, morale, detail, and face the challenge with fearless courage and courage and solid and meticulous preparation

Zhang Jun said that the China Badminton Association has started the process of materialization. Next, the China Badminton Association should learn from international advanced experience, while in-depth study of its own characteristics and actual situation, and walk out of a path of independent innovation

Zhang Jun hopes that the China Badminton Association can benefit badminton fans across the country. He also stressed the need to speed up the promotion of badminton into the campus, especially the close cooperation with the education department. We hope to integrate the resources and advantages of both sides, so that badminton can not only be more widely promoted in universities, middle schools and primary schools across the country, but also create more high-level sports teams in Colleges and universities, making it an indispensable part of the talent echelon construction of badminton projects

At the meeting, Wang Weixuan, Secretary General of the China Badminton Association, read the work report of the Fifth China Badminton Association, which was reviewed and approved by the general assembly. The general assembly also considered and adopted the revised draft of the articles of association of China Badminton Association

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