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Zhangxuesong: accelerating on the road of innovation

Abstract: since 2017, he has started to study the robot participation in the aluminum alloy car body manufacturing project of high-speed EMUs. "Next, robots will be used to polish the car body, and many manual programs will be replaced by robots in the future." Zhang Xuesong said confidently

Zhang Xuesong, 44, chief skill operation expert of CRRC and senior technician of CNC machine tool assembly, adjustment and maintenance worker of CRRC Tangshan Locomotive and rolling stock Co., Ltd. Over the past 25 years, he has constantly overcome technical difficulties, and has been elected as "national model worker", "National Excellent Communist Party member", "excellent provincial management expert in Hebei Province", and won the "Chinese Youth May 4th Medal"

recently, the author came to CRRC Tangshan Locomotive and rolling stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CRRC Tangshan company) to test the mechanical properties of fasteners used in steel structures. He saw that the chief skill operation expert of CRRC, Zhang Xuesong, was debugging an industrial machine with a height of more than 3 meters in the workshop

from 2017, he began to study the robot participation in the aluminum alloy car body manufacturing project of high-speed EMU. "Next, robots will be used to polish the car body, and many manual programs will be replaced by robots in the future." Zhang Xuesong said confidently

Zhang Xuesong was born in the railway family courtyard. When adults told stories on the railway when he was a child, he was always fascinated by them. "At that time, I had a 'train dream'." Zhang Xuesong said. In 1992, after graduating from the technical school, he became a technical worker of CRRC Tangshan company as he wished. With diligent study and hard training, in the same year, he came to prominence in the Tangshan green power battery enterprise overall start-up ordinary work skills competition, won the fourth place in fitter, and won the title of Tangshan technical expert

around 2000, CRRC Tangshan company encountered difficulties in its operation. For two months, Zhang Xuesong's salary added up to only 500 yuan. At this time, a large company offered him an olive branch, but he refused: "the factory trained me. Now the factory is in trouble, and I want to tide over the difficulties with you!"

in 2004, the State Council put forward the leapfrog development goal of "introducing advanced technology, joint design and production, and building Chinese brands" for railway locomotive and rolling stock equipment, and the curtain of high-speed railway construction slowly opened

in 2005, CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. and German Siemens Co., Ltd. developed the manufacturing technology of 350 km/h multiple units, which made Zhang Xuesong become associated with high-speed multiple units. At that time, as the leader of the aluminum alloy car body riveter class, the first test he faced was to improve the welding accuracy of the aluminum alloy car body. The high-speed operation of multiple units requires high welding requirements for the car body. Once deformation or defect occurs after welding, the consequences will be unimaginable

"it is our mission to produce the fastest and safest EMUs. As a party member, we must face difficulties and dare to tackle technical problems." Zhang Xuesong made an oath in his heart

he led the technical research team, starting with parts and components, and insisted on "fighting with himself". After thousands of tests, 66 sets of welding fixtures, assembly locating plates, anti deformation tooling fixtures and other fixtures were made, and 72 process documents and operation instructions were formed. Zhang Xuesong's team and the company finally ushered in a moment of success: the first CRH3 "harmony" EMU was offline in Tangshan, and China finally ranked among the countries manufacturing high-speed railway equipment with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour

in 2010, CRRC Tangshan company set up "Zhang Xuesong studio, which made it impossible to obtain data results", to carry out front-line technical research, process innovation and cultivate senior operation skills. In 2013, the studio was named "Zhang Xuesong national skill master studio" by the Ministry of human resources and social security, and then named "model worker Innovation Studio" by the all China Federation of trade unions. Relying on the studio, Zhang Xuesong led the technical workers of the aluminum alloy factory to give full play to the collective wisdom and wisdom, and set up 13 innovation activities. Two thirds of the enterprises will be forced to quit the group. Each year, the studio can complete more than 100 innovations, and a number of technologies fill the domestic gap

on August 21 this year, the "Fuxing" China standard EMU developed by CRRC Tangshan company was put into operation on the Beijing Guangzhou high speed railway for the first time. Hearing this news, Zhang Xuesong couldn't hide his excitement. Isn't this the tsd043 project he is familiar with? Recalling last year, through on-site analysis and many demonstrations, the studio has overcome the technical problems of the positioning benchmark of the Chinese EMU body, improved the accuracy of the welding and assembly process, and ensured the smooth progress of mass production

"on the road of innovation, we cannot do without the mutual support of the team. I will work together with my colleagues to make continuous efforts for the development of the enterprise. This is my obligation as an ordinary employee of Centennial tangche, and it is also the mission of a Communist Party member." Zhang Xuesong said

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