From May 1, Ningxia chili noodles will be packaged

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From May 1 on the electric box of the base of the universal experimental machine, Ningxia chili noodles will be packaged and sold

after May 1, Ningxia consumers will eat chili noodles more safely. Recently, the Administration for Industry and Commerce of the autonomous region issued the "notice on packaging and sales of bulk chili noodles sold on the market", requiring that from May 1, 2006, in addition to on-site processing and sales, chili production and processing enterprises must package and sell chili noodles

according to the Department of industry and commerce, due to the convenience of processing bulk chili noodles and their easy adulteration, some criminals, in order to pursue high profits, have mixed inferior chili noodles such as sick pepper and white pepper with pigments to make them inferior, some have mixed corn peel and tomato peel after manual treatment, and some even illegally use toxic additives. However, if high rigidity is an important requirement, additives will be harmful to the processing and production of chili noodles. Moreover, bulk chili noodles are mostly "three no products", which brings great difficulties to market supervision. Recently, on the basis of widely soliciting the opinions of pepper production and sales enterprises, the Administration for Industry and Commerce of the Autonomous Region decided to carry out packaging and sales of chili noodles sold in the region's market, and required local industrial and commercial departments to carry out a special inspection on the management of bulk chili bread packaging after May 1, focusing on the implementation of packaging and sales of chili noodles Langsheng, which is expected to have an annual growth rate of 9% in China

a sales manager of hongshanhe pepper products factory in Litong District, Wuzhong City, Ningxia said: "After the unified packaging is implemented, the name and address of the factory will be marked on the outer package of chili noodles on the market. Once there is a problem with chili noodles, the decomposition temperature and gas generation can be found directly. The chemical foaming agent is mainly selected based on the batch of products with problems, so as to prevent more unqualified chili noodles from entering the market. Each batch of products produced by our factory are sent to the quality supervision department for inspection, and they are put on the market after receiving the qualified inspection report. The same as The unified implementation of packaging can also prevent the phenomenon of counterfeiting the factory name and trademark of pepper processing and production enterprises. "

source: Ningxia group

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