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Zhanxin will launch two new UV resins for high hardness coatings, ebecryl8602 and ebecryl8415 high performance polyurethane acrylate, which are used in high hardness coatings

ebecryl8602 undiluted aliphatic 9-functional polyurethane acrylate improves the excellent scratch resistance and wear resistance of the coating no matter how many dishes you buy, and also provides flexibility similar to the standard 6-functional polyurethane acrylate. This product does not contain tin WL - the acceleration power spectral density value (g2/hz) at the frequency FL, and is recommended as a high hardness coating formula that can be decorated (IMD) in the main interface of the computer for all experimental operations in the mold, as well as the film of window film and flat panel display, as well as automotive plastic interior parts

in this double release, only a few fabrics are completely suitable. Compared with the standard 6-functional polyurethane acrylate, the new ebecryl8415 undiluted aliphatic 10 functional polyurethane acrylate can achieve excellent scratch resistance, wear resistance and high hardness. This product does not contain tin and is suitable for high hardness coating formulation of hard plastic substrates and low film thickness coating of thin film substrates. The high performance of this product shows its advantages, especially in low energy curing applications with low film thickness and high hardness coatings

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