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Zhang Chaoyang interprets the UAV image competition: implement the concept of Sohu's return to the media

Sohu CEO Zhang Chaoyang watches the exhibition of the UAV image competition works (Wei Wei/photo)

News (Wei Wei) on September 25, the fifth (2019) China UAV image competition hosted by Sohu came to an end, which is the nth landing activity of Sohu chairman and CEO Zhang Chaoyang personally on the platform. After determining the concept of Sohu's return to media, Zhang Chaoyang has many expectations: Huyou app is the product I attach most importance to at present. Sohu Video takes the path of short video and UGC on the basis of long video. These two golden flowers strive to move forward; The other three golden flowers steadily beat Sohu PC portal, Sohu and Sohu client

talking about the UAV image competition, Zhang Chaoyang believes that in 2019, the UAV, which integrates chips, AI and intelligent hardware, can be photographed from such a dangerous and far-reaching perspective only if it is so widely used. Four elements constitute the novelty and uniqueness of the UAV image competition: the first is the progress of technology, the second is the level of traditional photography/shooting art, the third is the rich experience and willpower of shooting pilots' outdoor exploration, and the fourth is the popularity of short videos, especially vlog recording life

the China unmanned aerial vehicle imaging competition was founded in 2015. It is aimed at UAV imaging professionals, enthusiasts and relevant organizations around the world to build an exchange platform for UAV photography. In the fifth session, relying on so many charming themes, the competition was further subdivided into natural exploration, urban architecture, human settlements folk customs, creative aerial photography, human stories, windows of the times, I love sky blue. According to statistics, 71% of the vanadium in the world in 2015 was from vanadium rich steel slag obtained from the processing of vanadium titanium magnetite in the iron and steel metallurgical industry, overlooking the eight competition units of the beautiful motherland, It is also specially set up that the plastic processing industry should firmly focus on the development and utilization of new materials, and set two awards: the best Video Award and the best picture award

it is reported that the fifth UAV image competition attracted 600 + pilots, collected more than 10000 image works, and finally a total of 82 works were shortlisted, and 26 works won eight shooting unit awards and the best work award

unlike previous competitions, the 2019 competition was upgraded from photography to image, and the weight of short video works was increased. A total of 14 video works won awards, accounting for 54%

the exploration ability of UAV in space and the generation of video will lead to a very exciting way of content generation. Zhang Chaoyang said that the Internet is in the era of the rise of short video. Short video social networking includes vlog to record everyone's life, and UAV + video photography will provide cutting-edge business models and exciting content

since last year, Zhang Chaoyang has successively stressed the need to return to the traditional media characteristics of Sohu. The implementation of sub brands is to make efforts in Sohu technology, Sohu Finance, Sohu fashion, Sohu Health and other fields, so as to continuously deliver content. The UAV competition is part of Sohu's adherence to creating a quality content ecosystem based on the media + platform two wheel drive

if Sohu is a media platform communicator, this platform can be described with five golden flowers, including traditional Sohu PC portal, Sohu easy to read on mobile terminal, Sohu client, Sohu Video and Huyou app. Zhang Chaoyang said

Zhang Chaoyang explained that the biggest model change is the social product of Huyou. We will endure loneliness and polish it carefully. At the same time, Sohu Video plans to take the path of short video and UGC on the basis of long video. These two golden flowers strive to enter, and the other three move forward steadily, hoping to make the five golden flowers bloom better, so that Sohu's user scale and influence become larger and larger. Whether it depends on advertising or online drama charges, it can achieve revenue growth, and make the media and video profitable as soon as possible. Together with the profits of games and Sogou, the whole Sohu company is on a positive track

in 2019, Sohu successively held Sohu marathon, Huyou National School grass, school flower competition, 5g summit, UAV image competition, etc., which are all signals that Sohu wants to return to the media

take the UAV image competition as an example, Sohu client moment is a manifestation of the trend of personal video sharing towards the square, and it is also an important occasion for personal expression of the competition; At the same time, it provides the official address of UAV competition with Sohu and PC, which is convenient for users to pay attention to the process and progress of the competition, and it is also a platform for all pilots to upload and share content; Sohu Video provides a display platform for participating video works; The Huyou app provides a place for flyers and friends to interact and share their feelings

according to the current plan, Sohu is giving full play to its media attributes through a checkerboard layout, which is the further implementation of the fundamental concept of Sohu's return to media that Zhang Chaoyang has always expressed

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