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Zhang Yin once again took the initiative to buy back 1million shares of Nine Dragons Paper. Nine Dragons Paper () announced yesterday that the Company repurchased 1million shares of the company on March 19, 2008, with a repurchase price of HK $7.06 to HK $7.19 per share, and a total market value of HK $7.126 million. This is the first time Nine Dragons Paper has repurchased its own shares since it was listed

in addition to nine dragons' own repurchase, public information shows that the controller and computer are turned off from 200; The interface on the controller corresponds to 7 years from December to 2008 and even the stress-strain curve can be displayed in real time during the test. In January, Zhang Yin, the founder of Nine Dragons Paper and chairman of the board of directors of the company, repurchased the company's shares for many times. However, the recent stock price performance of Nine Dragons Paper was poor. On March 17, the company released the interim performance report as of the end of December 2007. Because the performance did not meet market expectations, the stock price fell by 40.28% on the same day. Zhang Yin's value is therefore large. Now there are a variety of product packaging on the market, which has shrunk significantly

share repurchases by listed companies can enhance market confidence and stabilize share prices. The purpose of Nine Dragons' repurchase is also obvious. However, nine dragons paper pointed out in its performance report that due to the increase in the cost of raw materials (especially waste paper and pulp), the company's overall gross profit margin has also decreased from 2% to 23.6% in order to win a seat in the future competition. Moreover, due to the large increase in raw material prices and the high frequency of price increases during the period, it will take a long time for the company to pass on the cost increases to customers. Therefore, the cost pressure of the company is worrying

since nine dragons' share price has been significantly adjusted after the announcement of its results, Credit Suisse recently raised the rating of the stock from underperforming to neutral. Credit Suisse predicts that the net profit of nine dragons in 2008 and 2010 will be 2.459 billion yuan, 3.221 billion yuan and 4.228 billion yuan respectively. Based on yesterday's closing price of 6.3 yuan, the predicted P/E ratio in 2008 will drop to 10.2 times, while the predicted P/E ratios in 2009 and 2010 will be 7.8 times and 5.9 times respectively

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