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Zhanboluo appoints new executives in the Asia Pacific region

functional regional executives meet the company's strategic growth opportunities

ctiforum on July 15, the news was organized by graphene and six party boron nitride (Li Wenjie): zhanboluo, an innovation leader in the networking industry, recently announced a series of executive appointments in the Asia Pacific region. The appointment of new executives covers the fields of sales, system engineering, marketing and partners, and can help the company take full advantage of the highest growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific region in the process of customers' migration to high-intelligent networks and the industry's best cloud environment


wendy KOH was promoted to senior vice president of sales in Asia Pacific. Koh, based in Singapore, will be responsible for the sales and operations of chambro in the region, including customer interaction, sales development, training and support, strategic planning and revenue growth. Koh has 11 years of working experience in zhanboluo, and has successively held several senior leadership positions in the company, including Vice President of operator marketing in Asia Pacific region and vice president of Asian marketing and sales previously. Koh will report to Vince Molinaro, chief customer officer of zhanboluo

Mitch Lewis, who previously served as vice president of strategic alliance, was transferred to Singapore as vice president of Asia Pacific partners and reported to Wendy KOH. Lewis has worked in at t, Dilithium networks and Microsoft for more than 25 years in sales, marketing and technical positions. In addition, he once served as vice president of sales and marketing of Ericsson Asia Pacific and President of Indonesia when the casting strength was not ideal

russell skingsley was promoted to vice president of systems engineering and Excellence Center in Asia Pacific, focusing on product promotion, on-site support and overall technology management. Skingsley has 25 years of industry experience, including seven years as chief technology officer in Vietnam at FPT Telecom. He joined chambro in 2009 and has held a number of senior Asia Pacific and global technical positions outside Singapore. Meanwhile, Russell skingsley will report to Wendy KOH

helda Lopes, who previously served as senior director of global partner marketing, was promoted to vice president of marketing in Asia Pacific. Lopes, who is based in Singapore, will report to Matt Hurley, vice president of global regional and partner marketing. She will be mainly responsible for improving the brand of chambro, exploring business opportunities, partner joint marketing and sales support. Lopes is an experienced and innovative marketing leader who has previously held several senior marketing positions in zhanboluo and Cisco

mar received 606.5k Ablett was appointed as the newly established vice president of South Asia of chambro, covering Australia, New Zealand and the association of Southeast Asian nations. Ablett will report to Wendy KOH. He is mainly focused on using the talents and experience of chambro in South Asia to accelerate the growth of chambro and its customers and partners. When Ablett turned on the power switch at 20, the system had no power display? He joined zhanboluo in 2008 and has held several positions in the Asia Pacific region, Australia and New Zealand. He has more than 18 years of working experience in the IT industry

the Asia Pacific region has the world's largest mobile and Internet users and diverse emerging and mature markets, which brings huge development opportunities to zhanboluo. Our newly established Asia Pacific management team has a deep understanding of the industry, customers, partners and zhanboluo. This team is full of enthusiasm and can help the company take advantage of this development opportunity and meet the rapidly evolving network needs of our customers in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, this team has a total of 30 years of work experience in zhanboluo, which fully demonstrates our internal talent training achievements

- Vince Molinaro, chief customer officer of zhanboluo

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