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Zhan Chunxin: industry driven urbanization is conducive to the long-term development of enterprises

Zhan Chunxin: industry driven urbanization is conducive to the long-term development of enterprises

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Guide: in the next 3 to 5 years, Zoomlion will enter the two sectors of heavy trucks and agricultural machinery, and finally form an industrial pattern of five sectors together with construction machinery, environmental machinery and financial services companies. Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said in an interview recently. He pointed out that more

"in the next three to five years, Zoomlion will enter the two sectors of heavy trucks and agricultural machinery, and finally form an industrial pattern of five sectors going hand in hand with engineering machinery, environmental machinery and financial services companies." Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said in an interview recently. He pointed out that diversified development can avoid the risks caused by fluctuations in the construction machinery industry

according to the 2013 top 500 list of Chinese enterprises released by fortune Chinese a few days ago, seven host enterprises in the construction machinery industry were selected into the top 500, of which Zoomlion ranks first in the industry with operating revenue (48.07 billion) and profit (7.33 billion), with profit more than 1.6 billion than the second

there are many reasons for the success of Zoomlion. The balanced product structure and strong technological innovation ability are the primary factors, and its international development is relatively successful. Technically, after the acquisition of CIFA in Italy and the buyout of the full set of technologies of JOST flat Tower series products in Germany, the successful integration has been achieved, and the synergy effect is obvious; In terms of products, Zoomlion currently ranks first in the export share of concrete machinery, construction hoisting machinery and environmental sanitation machinery. In addition, the market share of the three major product industries of mixer truck, on-board pump and mixing station ranks first in the country; The domestic market share of hoisting machinery and tower crane ranked first in the industry, and the crawler crane products achieved the first domestic sales...

in the face of such success, Zoomlion people did not stop at all, but set the goal of surpassing the enterprise's own development and benefiting the national economy and the people's Livelihood: to respond to the call of the central government and promote industry driven urbanization

promoting industry driven urbanization is one of the directions of new urbanization.

Zhan Chunxin pointed out that driving the development of urbanization with the agglomeration effect of mature industries can be one of the directions of new urbanization. In the practice of promoting new-type industrialization, Zoomlion has not only rooted in cities and towns and penetrated its tentacles into the world, but also continuously explored and summarized in the construction of new-type urbanization, and has some experience in the construction of new-type urbanization

Zoomlion's industrial parks in Hunan are distributed in 4 cities, 12 counties and urban areas. Along the 260 km west of Changsha, it has created an industrial corridor with an average park every 35 km, and has become an important industrial enterprise and taxpayer in 3 cities, 7 counties and urban areas

take Hanshou County as an example. It used to be a typical agricultural county, with an agricultural population of nearly 80% and a total industrial output value of 400million yuan. Zoomlion established a park in Hanshou in 2009. Three years later, the output value of large-scale industries will reach 8.62 billion yuan; 1、 The proportion of secondary and tertiary industries has changed from 29:30:31 in 2010 to 23:35:42 in 2012. The new urbanization rate has increased from 23% five years ago to 40%. Large agricultural counties have entered the top four industrial economies in Hunan Province

according to Zhan Chunxin's ideas, mature industries have entered cities and towns, local finance has been improved, and the construction of new urbanization has self hematopoietic function. With the feedback of industry, the new urbanization will be more dynamic and sustainable. With financial resources, the government can continue to improve infrastructure construction, continue to provide equal public services such as medical treatment, education, pension and transportation for urban residents, and constantly improve people's livelihood

Guanxi Town, Dingcheng District, Changde City is the first small town where Zoomlion carried out industrial layout. It is understood that the predecessor of Zoomlion Heavy Engineering crane company is Puyuan group. After the company moved from Shanghai to Changde, Hunan, many local people became employees of Puyuan group, and finally formed a guanxi town. At the end of 2003, Zoomlion acquired Puyuan, and many factories and construction sites responded that guanxi industry ushered in its second take-off. In 2012, Zoomlion's output value in Guanxi Town Park reached 12billion yuan, creating 78.1% of the town's total industrial output value and 67.4% of taxes, driving 153 local supporting enterprises, large and small. Guanxi town has 35000 residents, and 90% of the labor force has achieved local employment, of which 12000 have become industrial workers, and the agricultural town has become "the first town of tower cranes in China"

Zhan Chunxin summarized Zoomlion's experience in the construction and development of industrial parks in Hunan, and put forward the suggestion that enterprises should not cluster in big cities, "Mature and strong driving industries have settled in cities and towns, bringing new ideas, talents, capital, technology and markets, so as to build a park, gather a group of enterprises, and form a town. Because they are often used, the economy of one side will flourish, which can well solve various problems faced in the process of urbanization."

the urbanization development driven by mature industries is also the needs of enterprises themselves.

as a large enterprise with international influence, Zoomlion is not developing towards the first and second tier cities, but is willing to sink in counties and even towns. What is the driving force to break the conventional thinking? Why are industrial enterprises interested in towns

Zhan Chunxin made a clear statement: enterprises have internal needs

Zhan Chunxin told about the reality of the enterprise. At present, most of the workers of Zoomlion are aged. Many of these people are not local people. They enter the factory with the mentality of working, and their families and children are in the countryside. Most part-time jobs are for youth. As you get older, you need to consider more problems or concerns. Children go to school, support their parents, etc., and you have to go back to your hometown. Too much worker mobility is not a good thing for enterprises, because enterprises have never had a mature and stable team of skilled workers

Zhan Chunxin talked about an enterprise he saw during his inspection in Germany, which inspired him a lot. There is a world-class paver factory in the local area. All the workers live and live near the factory. The supporting facilities in this area are very complete. There is also a small four-star hotel because vanadium is a rare metal. The factory workers are not mainly young people in China. Many people are over 50 years old and still work in the factory. These people are skilled, dedicated and responsible, and can also drive new people, forming a complete worker echelon of the old, middle-aged and young

inspired by this enterprise, Zhan Chunxin sprouted to build factories and recruit workers locally, cooperate with the government to improve the supporting commercial housing, schools, hospitals and other facilities, form an urban body with mature industries as the core, supporting enterprises around, and a developed service industry, meet the needs of young and middle-aged skilled workers to buy houses, live and reunite their families, and complete their transformation from migrant workers to factory based industrial workers. Workers have no worries at home, which is conducive to work at ease, so as to retain a large number of skilled workers. Zhan Chunxin frankly said that only with a stable staff can the enterprise develop for a long time

"Zoomlion is both a participant and a beneficiary in the construction of new urbanization." Zhan Chunxin has said this sentence many times, and he also has a more simple and profound understanding of this sentence, "the improvement of urban functional supporting facilities is conducive to promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the industry and attracting more farmers' employment, while the improvement of urban supporting facilities, the continuous enrichment of the tertiary industry and the service industry can further stabilize the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry."

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