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Zhang Xiaodong's love of Lovol: getting to know each other is more dependent

Zhang Xiaodong's love of Lovol: getting to know each other is more dependent

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Beijing Haidian North new area is not only a traditional upper wind area in Shangshui, but also a new industrial agglomeration with booming high-tech. with the rise of high-tech industries, there are also various supporting industries and related infrastructure and municipal facilities. In the local engineering industry, there is a small well-known self-employed excavator operator. He has not only made small achievements, but also led a group of people to devote themselves to engineering construction, so that more people can share the opportunity to create wealth

more than ten years ago, 19-year-old ZhangXiaodong from Anhui came to Beijing for development. After years of hard work, he has engaged in a lot of work. Five years ago, by chance, he became a salesperson of Lovol excavator. From then on, he began a period of training materials and Monographs on the use knowledge and experience of this type of flash tester with Lovol excavator. There are many kinds of indissoluble bonds. During the sales of excavators, Zhang Xiaodong found that Lovol excavators have the characteristics of high efficiency, reliable quality and high cost performance. In particular, Lovol's care for users in terms of services and policies makes its excavators very suitable for small owners with insufficient funds to start businesses, and has been recognized by most users. At the same time, in sales, he also got along with Lovol excavator users, knew their business conditions and local engineering construction conditions like the back of his hand, and found that using excavators to engage in leasing was a good opportunity to create wealth. In order to pursue a better life, after seeing it, Zhang Xiaodong resolutely took out his savings for many years to buy a Lovol creditor's machine, became an excavator rental owner, and began his entrepreneurial journey as a boss

Zhang Xiaodong's first excavator is Lovol fr260, which is a 25 t excavator. It has the reputation of "king of efficiency". The key parts used are from top brands in the industry, and are equipped with advanced hydraulic and electronic control systems. The structure of key parts has also been strengthened. Therefore, although it is not a new machine, it is still a powerful tool to make money in Zhang Xiaodong's hands. The stability, speed and fuel consumption are almost the same as those of the new machine, and the working efficiency has also been recognized by customers

Zhang Xiaodong, who has just entered the industry, relies on the contacts accumulated in the past. With the good relationship established between the salesperson and the user when you use the metallographic microscope, and everyone helps each other, Zhang Xiaodong gradually gained a foothold in the excavator rental market. Due to the excellent performance, high attendance and reliability of the excavator, the multi material function of the system enables customers to digitally mix rigid and elastic materials at the voxel level without falling off the chain, ensuring the construction quality and progress, gradually winning the trust of customers, and Zhang Xiaodong's business is also growing. Due to the good performance and quality of Lovol excavator, low fuel consumption and low daily maintenance cost, Zhang Xiaodong received a return of hundreds of thousands of yuan every year

in order to undertake more business, Zhang Xiaodong used the money earned by Lovol fr260 excavator to buy a Lovol fr65 small excavator. This machine also has the characteristics of high cost performance, which is very suitable for municipal, garden and other small-scale construction. Starting with this excavator, Zhang Xiaodong's business field has been expanded, with an additional gold digger, and the annual output value has increased by more than 100000 yuan. At the same time, the municipal and garden projects engaged in by small excavators are relatively stable, and the settlement is relatively timely, which makes Zhang Xiaodong's income more stable and realizes rolling development

due to the rapid development of business, Zhang Xiaodong bought the third Lovol excavator fr150 in the form of financing for further development. Why is Zhang Xiaodong so fond of Lovol excavator? First of all, he once worked in Lovol heavy industries, and he was proud of Lovol due to certain emotional factors; Secondly, the quality of Lovol excavator Zhang Xiaodong knows the root and the bottom. The typical high-end and low-cost equipment has no worse performance than foreign brands, and the service is also in place, which makes people feel worth it. In addition, Lovol excavator's care for users is real. As a former salesperson, Zhang Xiaodong knows this very well

Zhang Xiaodong, who is willing to help others, not only uses Lovol excavators himself, but also recommends them to others. Under his influence and drive, many owners around him who are engaged in excavator leasing use Lovol excavators. In actual use, everyone gives high praise to this brand of excavators, saying that it is "practical, sufficient and easy to use". At ordinary times, Zhang Xiaodong often communicates with everyone, exchanges experience and management skills, introduces cooperation opportunities to each other, and combines decentralized management with joint management, so that everyone has a good income. In order to better serve peers and friends, Zhang Xiaodong also operates a small-scale spare parts store, providing spare parts and consumables at a low price, which further facilitates practitioners

even in the face of the market situation of economic downturn and sharp reduction in engineering volume, due to good reputation and contacts, coupled with everyone holding together for warmth, Zhang Xiaodong still maintained a certain business volume. The operating rate of the three Lovol excavators is not as bleak as that of some peers, but the chronic problem of untimely settlement is more prominent. After learning about Zhang Xiaodong's difficulties, Lovol heavy industries gave preferential policies to such high-quality customers, allowing them to slow down the repayment of loans under special circumstances, alleviating his pressure, which also reflects Lovol heavy industries' care for users

although he encountered some difficulties, Zhang Xiaodong, who made little achievements, did not change his mind at first. Based on his experience in excavator leasing in recent years, he believes that this small-scale leasing cannot be further developed, so he plans to set up a company specializing in the construction of municipal, garden and some small projects, from a lessee to a contractor. The preparatory work of the company is in full swing. This change of identity should be natural for Zhang Xiaodong. From an excavator salesperson, to an excavator leaseholder, to an engineering contractor, the experience and contacts accumulated over the years can just help him complete this magnificent turn

self satisfied Zhang Xiaodong always feels grateful to the people who helped him on the way to growth, including Lovol heavy industries. He admitted that ISO 6502 was the first choice of Lovol heavy industries to start a business, so as to achieve several leaps step by step. Zhang Xiaodong is very proud of this. He is not only proud of his small achievements, but also proud of domestic brands. In his spare time, he also publicized Lovol heavy industries on various occasions to let people around him know more about Lovol heavy industries as a boutique of domestic brands. Through his own experience, Lovol excavator has a considerable market share in the northern New Area of Haidian, becoming one of the top brands, accompanied by more people on the road to wealth

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