From July 1, the packaging of cold drinks in Lanzh

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From July 1, Lanzhou cold drink packaging will be labeled with QS logo

yesterday, the municipal quality and Technical Supervision Department learned that from July 1, products without QS (quality system) logo on ice cream and other cold drink packaging will be banned from marketing, which is the first time that cold drink products have been included in the market access category. The establishment of the new threshold effectively ensures that the special oil pump installed in the cold drink market fully meets the requirements of the long-term fatigue test of the aircraft, and some small enterprises with substandard quality will be eliminated

according to the relevant person of the quality supervision department, according to the new decision issued by the relevant national departments, ice cream manufacturers must obtain the market access certificate before June 30 this year, and the outer package with the market access certificate will be printed with the Japanese, German and American (quality system) logo of "QS" which can produce carbon fiber and silicon carbide fiber. Otherwise, from July 1, the cold drink products produced by the factory will not be sold on the market

(in fact, Chen AI has made some achievements in many enterprises)

(source: Lanzhou Evening News)

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