From laid-off workers to general manager, he led t

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From laid-off workers to general manager, he led the paper enterprises to achieve an annual output value of 1billion yuan

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Dangyang TV station broadcast the story of Jin Xiaochun, general manager of Hubei Jinzhuang science and technology renewable resources Co., Ltd. Hubei Jinzhuang science and technology renewable resources Co., Ltd. is a traditional manufacturing service enterprise that produces recycled packaging paper with recycled waste yellow paper as raw materials. The company is located in Jinqiao Industrial Park, Dangyang city. It was founded in 2000 with a registered capital of 12million US dollars. Jin Xiaochun, the founder of the company, has worked hard for the company in the past 18 years. Under his leadership, the company developed from an unknown small factory into an enterprise with assets of more than 100 million

source: Dangyang TV station

Jin Xiaochun, general manager of Hubei Jinzhuang science and technology: the transformation from laid-off workers to general manager of the enterprise

Jin Xiaochun, general manager of Hubei Jinzhuang science and technology renewable resources Co., Ltd., was a driver, a salesman, learned to type and worked as a clerk at the beginning of his business, and even set up a stall for the restructuring of the meat factory. In 1991, when Jin Xiaochun was engaged in trade work in Dangyang meat factory, He has always cherished the dream of engaging in the real economy, from salesman to factory director

In 2000, Jin Xiaochun led six laid-off workers to borrow money to buy the former state-run Dongmen paper mill and set up Dangyang Jinzhuang Chemical Co., Ltd

Jin Xiaochun recalled, "in 2000, several of our laid-off workers founded Hubei Jinzhuang science and technology renewable resources Co., Ltd. after being laid off from state-owned enterprises. Because we didn't know anything, we went through a difficult entrepreneurial process at the beginning of the establishment. In the first two years of the establishment of the company, we have been in a state of loss. Through two years of hard work, continuous exploration, and the payment of two years' tuition fees, Let us learn all aspects of professional knowledge, material change, parking and maintenance of the experimental machine: the disabled and sealed machinery should be maintained. We led a group of people to gradually turn the enterprise from a loss state into a profit, and gradually develop and grow. "

actively switch to other types and expand the scale, leading the enterprise to achieve an annual output value of 1billion

considering the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, Jin Xiaochun proposed the implementation of technical transformation, relocation, demolition and construction plan in 2008, which was approved in 2009. In April, 2010, the new plant broke ground and the enterprise was renamed Hubei Jinzhuang science and technology renewable resources Co., Ltd. The one-time trial production was successful in 2011. In 2012, the production capacity was reached and the sales revenue was 120million. The tax paid in that year was 6.2 million and more than 160 employees were resettled

during the transformation, the company adheres to the concepts of safe development, green development, innovative development and shared development, uses various channels to go out to learn the management mode and experience of various enterprises, and boldly uses various management talents to enable the company to have material performance in a short time, which has standardized the enterprise management mode

in 2015, the company invested 345 million to build a 12MW back pressure unit cogeneration project and an annual output of 200000 tons of wrapping paper project. Since it was put into operation, it has formed an annual supply of 1million tons of steam and a supporting power generation capacity of 100million kW/year, an annual output of 300000 tons of wrapping paper, an annual sales revenue of about 1billion, and has realized central heating for all industrial enterprises in Jinqiao Industrial Park. 3. The conclusion shows the small tonnage, low efficiency The highly polluting coal-fired boiler bid farewell to the historical stage, significantly reduced the total emission of air pollutants in the park, and placed more than 600 employees

environmental protection and safe production are the bottom line. More than 30 million yuan have been invested in pollution control in succession.

the company is not careless in environmental protection investment. It equips the plant with sludge compactors and waste plastic treatment equipment to effectively treat solid waste and ensure that water and steam meet the discharge standards. This work has also passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification

Jin Xiaochun said, "Hubei Jinzhuang technology company is an industry with comprehensive utilization of resources and encouraged and supported by the state. However, the state's environmental protection requirements for our company are still very high. Our company has paid attention to environmental protection and safety as the bottom line of production over the years, and increased the investment in environmental protection. In the construction of phase I and phase II, we invested more than 30 million yuan respectively, and provided treatment facilities for sewage treatment, flue gas and solid waste. Our water has become international With the most advanced anaerobic treatment tower of Dutch Parker company, we have put the most advanced facilities on the flue gas to ensure that our waste water is discharged up to the standard, and that our flue gas is the first to achieve ultra-low emission standards in the paper industry in the province. Through the investment of environmental protection, our branches have met the requirements of the national emission standards, and the society has borne the burden of enterprises. "

nowadays, Hubei Jinzhuang technology company's products sell well both inside and outside the province, and its product quality has been fully recognized by the market. Its production capacity and product quality rank among the top three in the province. In 2017, the company won the title of "high-tech enterprise". The growing size of the company is inseparable from the hard work of Jin Xiaochun

liuhongtao, general manager and chief engineer of Hubei Jinzhuang science and technology renewable resources Co., Ltd.: "In my impression, Mr. Jin has no holidays and devotes himself to his work. He sets a benchmark and sets an example for his subordinates in everything. He has made great contributions to the implementation of the integrity, innovation, win-win business philosophy of our Jinzhuang company and the good development of the enterprise order. It can be said that the development of Jinzhuang company today can not be separated from the efforts of Mr. Jin. In his ordinary work, he also cares about the lives of employees in every detail and has built a new employee activity Heart, invested in the reconstruction of the staff canteen, and also carried out assistance activities for needy staff every year. "

entrepreneurship is a hard and long process, but it is also a painful process. Jin Xiaochun told that entrepreneurship is full of difficulties, but he never thought of giving up. Only by trying to keep up with the pace of the times and moving forward at a new starting point, can enterprises achieve development in the competition

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