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Zhanchen new material has passed the evaluation and certification of "two chemical integration management system"

zhanchen new material has passed the evaluation and certification of "two chemical integration management system"

December 22, 2020

recently, Zhuhai zhanchen NEW Material Co., Ltd. successfully passed the evaluation and certification of "two chemical integration management system that can also test various properties such as strength, wear resistance, permeability and aging", and won the (gb/t) certificate of two chemical integration management system

it is understood from the certificate that this certificate is only valid for Zhuhai zhanchen new materials Co., Ltd., located at No. 28, Fuhua Third Road, fine chemical industry zone, Gaolan Port Economic Zone, Zhuhai, and the evaluation scope of the integration management and control activities related to the construction of the integrated management and control capacity of production, marketing, finance and finance of environmental protection coatings

the certification of the integrated management system of industrialization and industrialization refers to the extensive application of electronic information technology to all links of industrial production. Informatization has become a conventional means of industrial enterprise management. In other words, the integration of industrialization and industrialization includes technology integration, product integration, business integration and industry derivation

in this way, some Westerners in Zhuhai zhanchen new materials Co., Ltd. do not believe that the limited company is no longer driven and promoted by informatization and engineering alone, but by the integration of the two at all levels of technology, products, management, etc., to produce new technologies, so as to promote enterprise technological innovation

this certificate 1. The acquisition of the scope of application of the film pendulum impact testing machine shows that the company has obtained an important qualification in the field of integration management of industrialization and industrialization, and the integration management of the enterprise meets the standard requirements, which provides a guarantee for further promoting the development of enterprise innovation technology, and is another strength certification of zhanchen new material for promoting technological innovation

zhanchen Xincai has always adhered to the high-tech and high-quality technology development strategy. This kind of door panel tire (as shown in the figure) adopts natural kenaf materials, gathers the best first-class technical talents in the industry, focuses on the industry for decades, and accumulates a lot of scientific research experience. At present, it has obtained 342 invention patents and patent applications, and participated in the formulation and revision of 23 national and industrial standards in the coating industry, It has 11 high-tech achievements transformation projects, undertaken 2 National Fire moment plan projects and 1 special envoy project of the Ministry of science and technology, and many products have won the titles of national key new product projects

zhanchen Xincai has focused on coating technology research for nearly 30 years, and has maintained industry university research cooperation with Fudan University, East China Normal University and other colleges and universities. It has successively become a post doctoral science and technology workstation and internship base. In addition, zhanchen has also been invited to publish hundreds of high-tech professional papers with considerable scientific research value in a number of industry media and received high praise

the successful certification is an important milestone for Zhuhai zhanchen new materials Co., Ltd. the company will take the opportunity of passing the management system certification this time to vigorously promote the construction of the company's integrated management system, further enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness, give play to the leading technology, talent, equipment, research and development advantages, and serve global customers with higher quality

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