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Zhang Dejin: the forklift industry climbs to the peak.

tall Zhang Dejin is a graduate of Shanghai Jiaotong University in the 1980s who majored in mechanical engineering and used all kinds of machinery and devices in the plastic processing industry. In China's engineering manufacturing industry, many people know that this school can be called the "Huangpu Military Academy" of engineering manufacturing industry. Zhang Dejin joked that he was a "863 alternative solution", that is, a college student in the 1980s, born in the 1960s, caught up with the 30-year golden development period of reform and opening up, and was fortunate to be engaged in the construction machinery manufacturing industry

as an enterprise helmsman who grew up from technicians, Zhang Dejin knows that only by mastering key technologies can manufacturing enterprises become industry leaders; Only by continuous reform and innovation, can we be in a dominant position in the horizontal competition and become the top in the world

over the years, Zhang Dejin has always led the enterprise to adhere to the road of scientific and technological innovation with a rigorous and pragmatic working attitude and reform and innovation management concept, and is committed to major technical breakthroughs and management progress such as the technical breakthrough of a series of internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, heavy transport equipment, complete machines and key parts, the measurement of capacity of bearing units connected with flexible systems and fixtures, quality improvement, product planning and so on. Zhang Dejin also led the development of H2000 series forklifts, G series environmental protection forklifts, 12 to 46 tons of high-end transportation equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign brands in the field of high-end transportation equipment, such as maximum torque, torsional strength, upper yield strength and lower yield strength

now, Anhui Forklift Truck Group is a national innovative enterprise, with a national enterprise technology center and a Provincial Key Laboratory of industrial vehicles. The technological innovation project organized by Zhang Dejin won the first prize of the provincial scientific and technological progress award, received special support from the national central budget, and presided over or participated in dozens of patents or industry standards

from the technical post to the management position, Zhang Dejin has always been fond of "innovation" being called "armor guard" in the military field. In 2012, Zhang Dejin advocated the introduction of excellent performance management mode. Forklift Group has won the Hefei Municipal Government Quality Award, the second Anhui provincial government quality award, the nomination award of the first China Quality Award, the national "export inspection free" enterprise title, "national informatization and industrialization deep integration demonstration enterprise" title and "national technological innovation demonstration enterprise" title. The deep integration of lean production, excellent performance and "two modernizations" based on sap (enterprise management solution) information system has formed an effective management system of Anhui Forklift Group, which draws on the strengths of others, is used by me, is introduced and digested, and has its own characteristics, laying a solid management foundation for it to become a world-class industrial vehicle group

"today, our 'hard power' is not inferior to that of world-class companies, but there is still a big gap in 'soft power' such as technical ability, management ability and information system." When Zhang Dejin visited Germany in 1998, he was asked whether the Chinese people could eat enough, which made him unforgettable and gave him a deeper understanding of "development is the last word"

last year, Anhui Forklift Group, led by Zhang Dejin, recorded another record high in operating revenue and total profit. The production and sales volume of complete machines exceeded 87000, with an operating revenue of 6.445 billion yuan and a total profit of 637 million yuan. "Our goal is to rank among the top five in the same industry in the world and become the first group in the field of international industrial vehicles." Zhang Dejin said

fortunately, I have the opportunity to catch up with the development of the times. I want to contribute all my wisdom and strength to build Anhui forklift into a world-class construction machinery manufacturing enterprise and polish the business card of "made in China"


chairman and party secretary of Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd., national model worker, "National May Day Labor Medal" winner, Anhui outstanding contribution talent

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