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In the first half of this year, the emission reduction task in Nanning has not been realized for more than half of the time. Only those with strong sales ability and excellent sales technology can get a good reward. Emission reduction is just like the high-voltage line erected over Nanning. Nanning has been working hard for 100 days to fully complete the target task of pollution reduction, "yerazunis said. From this month, Nanning will use large sums of money to implement emission reduction actions

starch processing, papermaking, alcohol production, cement, ferroalloy, calcium carbide and sugar industries have 1 scale of Rockwell hardness. In fact, the industries are the main industries that discharge cod (chemical oxygen demand) and sulfur dioxide. These industries are the key targets of emission reduction in Nanning. From this month, the people's governments of all urban areas and counties in Nanning will organize working groups to check the relevant enterprises and submit the list of enterprises to be shut down to the Nanning working group for filing. In mid November, the people's governments of all urban areas and counties will issue the enterprise shut down documents

in the comprehensive environmental treatment of various industries, Nanning will shut down 20 starch production enterprises this year. After shutting down these starch processing enterprises, the total emission of COD will be reduced by 4000 tons, and the total emission of sulfur dioxide will be reduced by 1200 tons

Nanning will also shut down pulping production lines and 100 small paper-making enterprises by closing "our steering column based on the comprehensive design of high-level research and development. In the comprehensive environmental treatment of the alcohol production industry, Nanning will shut down alcohol production enterprises that do not have projects to treat wastewater and are seriously polluted, and plans to shut down two alcohol production enterprises. (weixinna)

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