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Ministry of industry and information technology: promote the "five developments" to promote China's equipment manufacturing industry to move towards the middle and high end of the global industrial chain

on December 17, 2018, the fourth investment and Trade Fair for advanced equipment manufacturing industry on the West Bank of the Pearl river was opened in Foshan. Li Xi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee, attended the opening ceremony. Ma Xingrui, deputy secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and governor, and Wang Xinzhe, chief economist of the Ministry of industry and information technology, addressed the opening ceremony

Wang Xinzhe pointed out that the equipment manufacturing industry is a basic and strategic industry for national economic development and national defense construction. Since the founding of new China, especially in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's equipment manufacturing industry has continued to develop rapidly and made remarkable achievements. However, compared with advanced countries, we still have obvious deficiencies in key core technologies, basic supporting capabilities, high-end manufacturing equipment, etc

first, promote innovative development and break through key core technologies. Accelerate the establishment of a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, and deep integration of industry, University, research and application, enhance the independent innovation ability of the equipment manufacturing industry, and accelerate the breakthrough of key core technologies in key areas. Increase support for engineering links, and effectively do a good job in R & D and industrialization promotion and application

second, promote the development of intelligence and promote the deep integration of new generation information technology and equipment manufacturing industry. Promote the integrated application of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, industrial interconnection, etc. with the equipment manufacturing industry, and improve the digital and intelligent level of the manufacturing industry. Carry out integrated innovation and application demonstration of intelligent manufacturing complete sets of equipment, and speed up research and development and industrialization in key areas

third, promote the development of clusters and create a number of advanced manufacturing clusters. Improve the infrastructure and public service system, create a more favorable development environment, create a group of large enterprises with international competitiveness, cultivate a group of small giant enterprises specializing in special and new products and "single champion" enterprises focusing on subdivisions, and build a group of equipment manufacturing agglomeration areas with distinctive characteristics

fourth, promote harmonious development and further optimize the industrial ecology. We will deepen the reform of "deregulation, regulation and service" and stimulate and protect entrepreneurship. Further deepen industrial and financial cooperation, optimize fiscal and tax support policies, improve the first set (set) of major (IEC 60695 ⑵ ⑴ 2) gwfi: (0.35mm) 960 ℃ technical equipment, and its shape design mainly depends on the state insurance compensation policy of loads, materials and connectors, and improve the policy environment. Actively promote the integration of production and education, and strive to cultivate craftsmen from large countries

Fifth, promote opening-up and development and deepen international exchanges and cooperation. Implement the deployment requirements for further opening up, and orderly promote the opening up of automobile, ship, aircraft and other industries. We should encourage powerful equipment manufacturing enterprises to "go global", make effective use of global innovation resources, and improve the innovation ability of the equipment manufacturing industry from a higher starting point

this fair is hosted by the Foshan Municipal People's government and the Guangdong Provincial Department of industry and information technology. With the theme of "Zhuxi intelligent manufacturing, equipment future", the exhibition area is 30000 square meters. It will hold exhibition transactions, project contracts, investment promotion, and 6 Transmission spindle industry forum and other activities. More than 2000 experts and scholars from home and abroad and representatives of advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises attended the fair

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