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The Ministry of industry and information technology pays attention to transformer energy efficiency, power equipment and other related industrial chains, which may benefit from

on July 30, the catalogue of industries encouraging foreign investment (2019 Edition) was officially implemented. The fields of high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing have become the "pastry" of foreign investment. At the same time, they also point to the future development of China's manufacturing industry

On September 12, Siemens announced that it would build its world's most advanced distribution transformer factory in Guangzhou. The new plant will be designed and operated according to the "industry 4.0" standard, making it Siemens' first transformer digital chemical industry in the world

baobian electric, one of the core enterprises of power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing in China, always cannot make ends meet. The night before yesterday, baobian electric issued a fund-raising announcement, and the company plans to provide financing to the major shareholder, including China Ordnance Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ordnance Group)

according to the notice on the organization and recommendation of 2019 national technological innovation demonstration enterprises in accordance with the code for indoor environmental pollution control of civil building engineering of the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology GB50325 (2) 001 (gxth [2019] No. 97), it is proposed that

recently, with the smooth arrival of insulated wires in the warehouse of Bobai rural power construction reserve project, the agricultural construction material reserve work led by Guangxi Yulin Power Supply Bureau of Nanfang power and undertaken by Yulin County Water Conservancy and power companies of agricultural investment group has

good planning of distribution construction projects is the premise and foundation for carrying out distribution transformation of 10kV and below. The state Liaoning cyrovu and cyrolite MD products Nanjing Electric Power Co., Ltd. combined with the actual situation, carried out the construction of key tasks, key technology research, and standard system formulation as a whole

August 21, Shanghai Lingang group made a special trip to Guotu 1 to roughly outline the composition of the hydraulic energy digging material testing machine. Shanghai he recalled: "There are more plastic bags there than the fish below. The municipal electric power company sent the banner to speed up the implementation of relevant policies for China Shanghai electric power since this year, and make every effort to do a good job in the power support and power supply guarantee of a number of major projects such as Tesla...

on August 8, the first set of 800kV three-phase community integral transportation transformer with one million units independently developed by TBEA was successfully shipped in Changji. The product shipped this time has large capacity and high voltage level, which is very special Key new product items of electric substation

recently, the State Administration of market supervision and administration and China National Standardization Administration issued the "technical requirements for PLC control devices of power transformer cooling system", Chinese standard classification number (CCS): K45 According to the international standard classification number (ICS...

recently, the State Administration of market supervision and administration and the China National Standardization Administration issued the "cold rolled oriented electrical steel strip for UHV Transformers", standard number: gb/t, which will be from May 1, 2020...

it is the dog days, and the power consumption of residents has risen sharply. On July 27, the power load in Changsha, Hunan Province also hit a record high of 7.457 million KW. At about 10 o'clock last night (the 28th), A change in Sifangping street, Kaifu District, Changsha

on July 13, local time, a large area of power failure occurred in New York, the subway was shut down, street lights and traffic lights "went out", and the concert of "Latin Queen" Jennifer Lopez was also forced to be interrupted. That day coincided with the 1977 New York stop

according to Chinese American reports, a large area of power failure broke out in Manhattan, New York, on the 13th. The billboard in Times Square fell into darkness, someone was trapped in the elevator, and some subway lines were shut down. Five hours after the power failure, Edison in New York

at 15:29 on June 26, as the main transformer completed five live impulse switches, the 110kV construction power supply project in Rongxi, xiong'an new area was successfully powered on and operated stably, marking the official completion and operation of the first construction power supply project in xiong'an New Area

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