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A brief description of the one week market of China Plastics spot LLDPE (April 28 - April 30)

China's plastic price index closed positive this week, rising from 1326.69 at the beginning of the week to 1329.93 on Wednesday, up 11.19 points from last Friday. The China Plastics spot index also rose all the way this week, rising from 1288.54 at the beginning of the week to 1292.21 on Wednesday, up 5.4 points from the same period last week

I. review of upstream information:

crude oil futures rose and fell this week. On Tuesday, the oil price fell to $115.63/barrel, the lowest price in nearly two weeks. WTI closed at $115.63 per barrel on Wednesday, down $0.43 from last Friday; Brent was at $113.43/barrel, down 0.91 from last Friday. What are the advantages of the light bar

the price of ethylene monomer remained stable and the supply of goods was stable this week

II. Market Review:

driven by the continuous high international oil prices, the external market and the joint price hikes of Sinopec Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou branches, and the maintenance of some manufacturers will be carried out one after another, the PE market shows some signs of warming up, but due to the poor seasonal demand, there is no significant volume of transactions

local conditions: due to the coming May Day holiday, the linear market in North China has weakened and declined, and petrochemical is about to stop sales. Accounting has not boosted the market. Traders lack confidence in the future market, and they are more active in shipping and short positions. The linear daily average fell slightly by 20-50 yuan/ton, and the linear ex warehouse price of PetroChina also fell day by day, resulting in poor transaction conditions. In the aftermarket, except for a few on duty sales, petrochemicals will stop sales accounting, and then will usher in a small and long holiday on May Day. It is expected that if there is no good next week, the market will be mainly consolidation, and there is little possibility of decline

the East China market is generally stable, but at present, the supply of goods is tight, and there is a tense situation for all varieties. LLDPE is mainly due to the parking of Yangzi Petrochemical and the lack of local supply. It is understood that it may start at the end of the month, but the billing time is unknown, and the production scheduling plan will be adjusted again. The domestic linear price has risen to the level of yuan/ton. The linear source of imported goods is still small, and the arrival volume cannot meet the demand. I heard that the next arrival is in early May. Now 218w has risen to 14400 yuan/ton, and 3305 has also risen to 14200 yuan/ton

this week, the PE market in South China continued the trend of last week and rose in an all-round way. From Monday to Tuesday, the market price was as high as 50 yuan/ton, the transaction atmosphere was good, traders made positive inquiries, and the transaction was significantly improved compared with the previous period. The linear mainstream price is 13500-13550 yuan/ton, but the high price transaction is not good. In the aftermarket, at present, traders' mentality is gradually improving, and their enthusiasm for speculation is high. The petrochemical market jjg1136 ⑵ 017 also requires that table 5 be fulfilled. It is expected that the above actors will still be in the short-term market

in terms of petrochemicals, affected by costs, Sinopec raised some varieties to boost the market, and the market continued to rise. Sinopec saw a linear rise of yuan/ton. In terms of PetroChina, the linear part of the region increased by yuan/ton. In terms of devices, Yangzi Petrochemical started the production of 1801 late after the completion of the linear experiment on the 29th, and now put 1802 in stock. Tianjin United linear device produced 9085, and the production was stopped until May 11 and 29 for accounting

III. trend forecast for next week:

generally speaking, there are not many supply sources in the market. The unit maintenance of some petrochemical enterprises will be carried out one after another, and the supply will be reduced. Petrochemical manufacturers have no intention to adjust the ex factory price in the near future. The overall market has not changed much, the mentality of traders is OK, and downstream factories are still taking goods step by step, most of which are taken with use. There is no inventory pressure in petrochemical enterprises, and the settlement and sales suspension are in succession today. Therefore, the downstream demand is not good, but it will not fall sharply in the future. It is expected that the PE market will consolidate at a high level in the near future

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