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The feasibility study report of Shanghai large ethylene Co., Ltd. passed the evaluation

the feasibility study report of Shanghai large ethylene Co., Ltd. passed the evaluation

in April 2001, the samples were stressed by clamping the samples (or products) with clamps. On April 26

from April 19 to 21, entrusted by the State Planning Commission, the experts of China International Engineering Consulting Corporation organized a special evaluation on the feasibility study report of the 900000 ton ethylene project of Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd., a Sino foreign joint venture. The evaluation shows that the economic benefit of the project is good, the project is feasible and has strong anti risk ability

the total investment of Shanghai Petrochemical 900000 ton ethylene project is 22.661.2 billion yuan, which is jointly constructed by Sinopec, Shanghai Petrochemical and BP

companies, with investment share ratios of 30%, 20% and 50% respectively. The project is located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

ethylene is an important chemical raw material related to national economic development and national economy and people's livelihood. With the development of national economy, the demand for

ethylene and its derivatives is increasing. However, China's ethylene production capacity can not meet the market demand

in 1999, China's ethylene self-sufficiency rate was only 58%. In addition, at present, most ethylene plants in China are small-scale and lack competitiveness. Therefore, it is very necessary to build advanced and high-level world-class ethylene projects to meet the development of the national economy. In October 1999, StarTech, a Sino foreign joint venture Shanghai Petrochemical 650000 ton ethylene project, realized that the project proposal was approved by the State Council. Sinopec and BP chemical signed a framework agreement to jointly carry out the feasibility study. In March, 2000, based on the optimization of the project, the joint venture reported to the State Planning Commission the plan of adjusting the 650000 ton ethylene project to the 900000 ton ethylene project. In June of the same year, the plan was approved by the National Development Planning Commission for promoting industry development. At the beginning of this year, Vice Premier Wu Bangguo proposed the goal of building a world-class and Asia's largest chemical industry base during his inspection of the Shanghai chemical industry zone. This also outlines a good development for the project. The joint venture parties are large enterprises with international reputation. They not only have strong economic strength, but also have many professional technical talents and scientific research and development forces, and have rich management experience and perfect marketing system. The engineering product scheme

has its own characteristics, which is different from other large ethylene. The products include acrylonitrile and high-purity ethanol/esters

then exclude from the following three aspects. Most of the raw materials required for the project are based in China, and a supply intention agreement has been signed with the supplier, and the source is basically realized. The products can be sold domestically to fill the shortage of the domestic market and replace imports, and can also be sold outside the existing sales channels of the joint venture partners to facilitate access to the international market

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