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The favorite of packaging and printing: rich applications of silk screen printing technology (Part 2)

v. the process of digitalization of plate making before silk screen printing is accelerating.

modern printing technology has entered the digital era. The continuous maturity of digital printing technology has made great changes in plate making technology. At present, computer printout plate making film, phototypesetting output film, and inkjet output film are being widely promoted. With the continuous enhancement of the economic strength of the silk printing industry, it is believed that the beam movement of the Silk Printing CTP, which is mainly used in the experimental machine, will become the mainstream of the silk printing plate making technology. The computer direct plate making system breaks the traditional plate making mode, completely abandons the film base plate, uses the computer digital processing technology to design the printing graphics and text symbols required, and stores them in the computer after professional processing such as color separation and dot according to the requirements of the screen printing plate, and then drives the special inkjet equipment through digital conversion output to spray the image onto the silk plate coated with photosensitive emulsion. After direct exposure The printing plate for silk printing can be obtained by developing (developing). Another direct imaging method for plate making is to directly use computer scanning laser imaging on a special metal alloy film. This method can eliminate the silk and photosensitive glue, does not need complex stretching process, and the produced template is not deformed, aligned, and has high printing accuracy. It is the direction of development in the future

VI. combined printing enriches the packaging printing process. Many people don't understand the colorful pressure testing machine.

due to the strong visual impact effect of packaging, especially some high-end packaging products pursue various unique artistic effects in order to be unique in the market. Therefore, sometimes the combination printing of casting structure (cast steel, cast aluminum, etc.) has become one of the popular trends in the packaging field. As we all know, the main advantages of offset printing, gravure printing and flexo printing are fine graphics and texts, rich level reproduction and good point reduction, which are suitable for the printing of eye and fine images. Printing is good at thick ink layer, bright color, high saturation, strong three-dimensional sense of printing, and can achieve a variety of anti-counterfeiting functions and special effects. The appearance of the combination of silk printing and other printing methods determines that silk printing occupies a position that can not be ignored in the field of packaging printing, and gradually becomes one of the main printing processes in the field of packaging printing, greatly improving the quality and grade of products, and also promoting the sales of products. In actual production, more and more companies begin to adopt a variety of printing process combinations to achieve the desired special effects, such as offset printing and printing, flexo printing and printing and other combined printing methods. In particular, the rotary printing unit with high printing accuracy and the application of flexographic printing machine make the printed matter icing on the cake. This method can obtain metal effects such as gold and silver, as well as embossing and sanding effects on the substrate

VII. The improvement and development of printing in the field of packaging printing in the future

the printing speed is slow. Although the printing speed of printing equipment has been greatly improved at present, it is still relatively slow compared with other printing processes. If the production volume is too large, it may restrict the production. 5. For the test pieces with complex shapes, cushion blocks with corresponding shapes should be adopted for production, which will affect the delivery time

ink drying time is long. The thick ink layer of printing brings great difficulties and takes a long time to dry; Post press products cannot be stacked immediately, requiring numerous drying racks and large workplaces

accuracy and stability need to be further improved. From the perspective of production control and quality, the accuracy and quality stability of printing are inferior to offset printing and gravure printing. In particular, there are certain problems in the accuracy of domestic printing machines, which are easy to cause inconsistency in product quality in production. It is difficult to ensure the consistency of hue, specification, etc. not only between batch products, but also between the same batch of products

high cost. At present, the cost of printing is still relatively high, which mainly includes two factors: first, the ink layer is thick, and the ink is relatively large, which will certainly increase the cost; Second, the production efficiency of printing is relatively low. With the same process effect, printing takes more time, which will virtually increase the production cost

multicolor overprint is difficult. The current printing equipment is basically monochrome printing. If you want to achieve multiple effects on the same product or carry out multi-color overprint, there will often be inaccurate overprint, resulting in a large number of waste products, which will not only waste time and resources, but also affect the delivery date and even place orders

the market needs multi-color full-automatic printing machines. In order to improve production efficiency and overprint accuracy, it is hoped that the full-automatic printing machine will develop in the direction of multi-color, and be promoted and popularized, so that domestic packaging and printing users can fully enjoy the advantages brought by multi-color full-automatic technology

ink should be developed in the direction of environmental protection. In general, the categories of silk screen printing inks produced in China are relatively complete, and some of them are of good quality, which should be said to develop rapidly. The problem is that the proportion of solvent based ink solvent accounts for 60%. When drying, the solvent will volatilize in the air, so the pollution is serious. With the growing voice of environmental protection, the government has also successively issued a series of relevant policies and formulated relevant standards, and customers' environmental requirements for packaging products will also be higher and higher. Therefore, in the future, we should strengthen the research and development of environmental friendly inks

printing materials need to be developed more vigorously. At present, China's printing industry is in a relatively backward state from equipment to materials, from plate making technology to printing and post press processing, and has not formed a large-scale and modern printing industry. In particular, the use of high-quality, high-precision printing inks and special-purpose inks, four-color additive inks and UV inks are almost all imported. Therefore, the printing industry must actively absorb modern science and technology, so that printing technology can shine again and create greater economic value

digital printing will replace part of the print market. Inkjet printing, computer photo and other plateless printing technologies will play an important role in the small print market, and will certainly replace the traditional application fields of partial printing, which also shakes the determination of some silk screen printing enterprises to carry out silk printing to the end

digitalization of printing plates is the future development direction. Silk screen printing enterprises will face problems such as changing the whole workflow, installing new equipment, personnel training and so on when they introduce direct plate making technology. Moreover, because the digitalization workflow of China's silk screen printing industry is not mature, and the investment recovery cycle is long, these factors will become an important reason to hinder the digitalization process of printing plates in China

as we all know, in the packaging and printing industry, printing plays a very important role in improving the quality of packaging, enhancing the effect of promotion and enhancing the added value of goods. I believe that in the future, with the improvement of equipment and materials and the increasingly perfect technology, printing will make greater breakthroughs and development in the field of packaging

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source: packaging, printing and processing 2005/12

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