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The female president of Alcan Packaging Company was nominated as the best president

ellene Gordon, President and CEO of Alcan Packaging Company, was nominated as the best president by the prestigious business women's Stevie award competition

she said: on behalf of myself and Al, the employees of can packaging company are very grateful to accept this award. I share this award with all our hardworking employees around the world, which proves that our unremitting efforts to produce innovative packaging have indeed achieved results

this award recognizes the achievements made by women in charge of making equipment problematic in operation in the past year. In the long-term process of withdrawing investment for almost 18 months, Gordon faced and managed the challenge of successfully leading Alcan Packaging Company in a highly competitive market of high-quality medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel. She was nominated as the best director of non service companies with more than 2500 employees

Gordon, 55, has been the president and CEO of Alcan Packaging since December 2006

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