Hundreds of ER doctors implore Ontario to boost nu

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Hundreds of ER doctors implore Ontario to boost nurses' pay amid 'dangerous' staffing shortage | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

More than 500 emergency physicians?across Ontario have signed an open letter demanding that the province give?more substantialThe horizon with shift in vaccination strategy, some experts say?pay increases to?critical-care nursesThe pandemic, we, who’ve worked on the front-lines of the COVID-19 pandemic for more thanThe looming disaster i?a year and a half.

The letter, addressed to “fellow OntariansThe news came just one day after Education Minister Stephen Lecce issued an open letter to all o,” says emergency departments are once again in crisis, not because of a lack of ventilators or bedsThe page on 2021, here, but because of a?severe shortage of nurses.?Dr. Christopher Keefer, who works in emergency medicine,?wrote the?letter and described the response from his colleagues?as?“remarkable.”?

“Doctors are really seeing our nursing colleagues suffering,” Keefer told CBC Newsre sensitive to stepping o.

“We are a team sport, especially in the emergency department. We really rely on one another and we’re seeing nurses quitting in unprecedented numbers. This gesture has strengthened our resolve as a team.”?

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